Filing The Returns For The Service Tax: Online And Offline Methods

Every businessman wants to get the perfect business software that takes of everything for him from filing the taxes to calculating the GST. It helps him in keeping the accounting books up to date and prompts him when he falls behind. Is this a dream? No, there exists such software and many of them are free. But, one should not trust or depend on the free ones because they will always have a “well, it is free software you know,” clause that takes care of any shortcomings.

Start at the ACES Website

The big problems a businessman faces has to do with the service taxes. Filing these are tedious but needed. Here is the step by step service tax return filing procedure. Start by logging into the ACES website (ACES →  Automation of Central Excises and Services Tax). Click on the link and login as an assessee. Click on RET → Fill ST3 → Fill.

Put in all your details and then click on Save. Now, a Confirmation Screen will appear. This will show you the details as you have filled them. You must go through this and verify that they are all correct. Once you are sure that they are, you click on SUBMIT. In case, there is something you wish to change, you can click on MODIFY and then make your changes. If you wish to start afresh, click on CANCEL.

Filing The Returns For The Service Tax: Online And Offline Methods

Keep the Reference Number Safe

When you submit the return, you get an acknowledgment. This is in the type – Registration Number – Type of Return – Month and Year of Return. This is the Source Document Number and becomes your reference number. You may also submit tax return by filling the data offline and submitting it. Download the Excel Utility from the ACES website. Fill in the details and then validate the sheet by clicking on the button.

If there is any discrepancy, you will be prompted to do the needful. After this, you may submit your sheet. For this, you must click on the “Validate Sheet and Return” button. You get an XML file which will get saved along with the file you filled in in the same folder. Now, submit the XML file to the ACES application. Go to RET and then click on eFiling. This will take you to the place you can submit the document. Click on Upload.

Late Fine Payable

You must file the ST3 returns twice in a year. The dates are  September 30 for which the last date is 25th October and March 31 for which you must file by April 25 of that year. People who do not furnish the ST3 returns will have to pay a fine up to 1,000 INR. If you delay by 15 days, you have to pay a fine of 500 INR.

If you delay more than 15 days but less than 30 days, then your fine is 1,000 INR. Beyond 30 days, you must pay 1,000 INR plus 100 INR for each day you delay the payment.

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