Fitness Tips To Keep In Check

Once you reach 30 people always poke you saying that you have entered the wrong side of 30. But that is not essentially true. You can always enter the right side of 30 if you want to. Only you need to be more firm on your fitness and embrace some more healthy ways of living.

Fitness Tips To Keep In Check

One can get some basic fitness tips in Hindi language from fitness magazines but one need to keep a check and enhance their fitness regimes post 30. Here are the few basic things that are must and are needed to be done.

Drink More Water

This needs to be followed at any age and for this one does not need to be on the other side of 30. If you do not drink water adequately then there is a high chance of dehydration in your body. Lack of water always leads to water retention and it leads to fast ageing of skin and this is not a very nice thing. Wrinkles and fine lines are clearly visible on your skin when you do not drink appropriate amount of water. Lack of water also leads to slow metabolism which in turn leads to other health problems. To prevent all of these, one should drink water at a regular interval.

Regular Strength Training

When the body age grows, the strength and muscle tones start to become weak. The less muscle you have the lesser calorie you can burn on a daily basis. So, if you really want to stay in shape then you have to start regular strength training. This is very much needed. You need to cut back on your cardio and do body weight training more often.

Learn the Right Form

Also do not take the strength training for granted. This is because; strength training can lead to muscle injuries. This would not have been an issue when you are younger but as you grow old, it is a must that you work out in the right form. Have a proper trainer who will make you learn the right form.

Switch It Up

Try and keep changing your work out programs at a regular interval. This will help you to develop your body in a rounded way. Do not stick around to the same cardio or the routine of strength training. Change your work out regime every month.

Refuel Post Workout

After a tough work out, always do a proper refuelling. If you fill up with your body with proper carbohydrates and proteins within half an hour of your training then it can easily replenish the energy in your body and help in proper muscle growth.

Replace your Running Shoes Regularly

One becomes comfortable in their regular trainers. But if you do regular running in them for six months, they tend to wear out. Si it is a good idea to switch them every six to eight months. This will help you to avoid stress injuries.

You can also do yoga or Pilates on a regular basis if you hate gymming.

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