Without a solid foundation, you ‘ll have the trouble of creating anything of value.

Truer words have never been spoken. A house is as sturdy as the foundation. While getting a home reconstructed or repaired make sure the foundation has been worked up properly. A minor miscalculation in the setting up the rebar or improper troweling could become worse as you move up the construction. The compounds defects will ruin the whole appearance of the house.


A weak foundation could lead to catastrophic accidents, for example, the wall can collapse. There are early signs that can be spotted easily, signaling to a damaged foundation. Keep an eye on the following signs to avoid any tragedy:

When the platform below the foundation, called footings are damaged, a structure might settle. Signs of damaged footings can be:

Exterior as well as interior cracks on the rock wall, drywall, if left unrepaired can get grave; Exterior windows are more prone to diagonal cracks, and brick walls are more prone to vertical cracks.

Cracks on wood paneling, step-stairs cracks pointing to wall-rotating. Wall rotation occurs when an accident affects the construction of a home diagonally. The wall moves on its axis and moves out few inches. A door or a shaft might move along with the wall. This can lead to house settlement. Whenever you notice any crack getting wider, seek the help of foundation and construction repair services.

Do the windows, and door get stuck whenever you try to open them. If the house is settling, the windows and doors would be aligned to one side and won’t be leveled any longer.

Due to wall shifting, you may even notice nail sticking out of the wall, gaps between crown molding and ceiling.

Your floor might be getting uneven because of wall rotation, or the basement might be bowing inward. These signs are more visible when you check the foundation fro outside, near the entrance gate./

The thing to check before you hire a foundation and construction repair service provider:

Make sure that they are licensed by the International Code Council Evaluation Service.

Warranty is one of the most essential aspects to enquire into when hiring them. Ask if the products they are using in reconstructions are patent and do they provide any warranty if they fail to serve their purpose.

Since they are several foundation issues, the piles/pier required to rectify those are also different. Check whether or not they have the all the foundation piers. Also, check are their technicians well- trained and equipped?

Are they charging a nominal fee or fleecing you under some vague promise.

Do they have ample experience in Foundation Repair services.

Check with their Previous clients about how has their reconstruction been since the time they got it done. Check for online reviews.

Ask for their insurance certificate. Only hire the company who are legitimately insured.

Whether or not your house needs foundation repair, can be only adequately evaluated by the professionals. If you see any of the above signs, contact the best foundation and construction repair service provider available in your locality.

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