Healthy Food Delivery In Toronto

It is as easy as One, Two, and Three to get healthy foods planned and delivered to your home from the Healthee Kitchen professionals.

  1. First you will choose the nutritional meal plan that meets your dietary goals.  There is a complete menu page available on the web site that will assist you in doing this.
  2. Next step:  Once you have chosen your weekly menu, you advance to the page that states “Online Order.”  This is a very user-friendly page in which gives the customer an opportune and easily accessible way to order their chosen meals however they chose to do so: daily, weekly, or monthly, whichever is most convenient.
  3. As long as you place your order at least twenty-four hours in advance of when you want it delivered, this allows the chefs at Healthee Kitchen ample time to prepare your meals and have them ready for delivery any time between the hours of 7:00 PM and 11:59 PM the following day.  If there needs to be prearrangements for delivery of your Healthee food order, just let us know ahead of time and you can ask the delivery be left with the superintendent of your apartment or with a trusted neighbor. Or if you prefer, we can even leave the cooler of food right on your doorstep—however you prefer you Healthee meals delivered, is how they will be delivered.

Healthy Food Delivery In Toronto

A sample meal plan on the “Effective Weight Loss Meal Plan” costs $35 and you will receive the following:

  • Breakfast: is a 2 egg Greek omelet with whole grain toast
  • 1stsnack:  Cottage cheese with cherry tomatoes and olives
  • Lunch:  Chicken breast with couscous and green salad
  • 2ndSnack:  Cabbage pie
  • Dinner:  Oven baked Salmon with assorted vegetables

This is a pretty tasty, healthy meal plan for a person on the go for a reasonable price.  If you think about It, you would easily spend $35 on just one of these meals alone if you ate at a restaurant; and the health and nutrition quality would not be even close to what it is in this sample day’s menu from Healthee.

Another sample menu which is perfect for the working professional is the lunch menu (Monday thru Friday—week 1) For the cost of $50 you will get the following meals:

  • Monday:  Chicken breast with whole grain couscous and green salad, 150 gr. Chicken breast, couscous 150 g. cooked green salad
  • Tuesday:  Seafood pasta, whole wheat Seafood mix 200g., 150 g. cooked pasta, basil, tomato, onion, parmesan, 1 tbsp. pasta sauce
  • Wednesday:   Beef Teriyaki, rice noodles, and vegetable beef 200g., steamed vegetables (bean sprouts, bok-choy, onion, green beans, pepper), low sodium teriyaki sauce, 1 ½ tbsp. rice noodles 100g.
  • Thursday:  Steak Sandwich- steak 120 g., 1 whole wheat bun, tomato lettuce, mustard, cucumbers, mayonnaise 10g.
  • Friday:  Beef stew with vegetables and buckwheat 120g beef stew with 150g vegetables and buckwheat 120 g cooked.

As you can see from these sample menus you really can NOT afford to not order your next week’s meals from the Healthee Kitchen.  The prices are affordable, the food is delicious, nutritionally, and healthy.  So why not give the Healthee Kitchen experts a try and order your next week’s lunch menus tonight.  You will not regret it!

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