Home Erosion Control: Prevent Soil Erosion From Damaging Your Foundation

Soil erosion occurs whenever the natural elements slowly wear away the top fertile soil and cause the underlying surface to become exposed. This natural occurrence can damage the areas hit by agricultural overproduction and deforestation. By removing the trees and crops, land developers also remove the root systems that are responsible to hold back the topsoil in place. Due to heavy rains and winds, expose soil loosens its hold and erodes away quickly.

Home Erosion Control: Prevent Soil Erosion From Damaging  Your Foundation

The foundation of a healthy residential property is a nutrient-filled topsoil. When the soil is blown or washed away, so are the chemicals used on the earth surface like fertilizers and pesticides. These can easily make their way to the other areas of the propriety where they are not needed or even into a water supply. Soil erosion around any home foundation is just as much a big issue for homes on flat land as it’s for homes built on slopes. When drought conditions followed by heavy rains, the impact of soil erosion can be seen in several residential properties.

Below listed are the actionable steps that can help homeowners in controlling home soil erosion from damaging the property’s foundation.


It’s important for every homeowner to keep an eye out during and after heavy storms and rains for several sections around your property where water might begin to accumulate.the water should not pool and flow away from the foundation base soon after the rain and storms. Be careful, that the downspouts and gutter of your home are directing the water towards the drains and any other barrier such bushes, flower beds or other plants do not hold water in place against your home side.


One of the most effective strategies that can be used in order to control home soil erosion is to add more plants and trees throughout the property, especially on the slopes. Planting more trees can actually help to re-establish underground roots that hold soil in place and divert water. Adding more plants and trees will also help in reducing the amount of soil erosion you have o the landscape. The plants and trees establish roots more quickly, slower-growing vegetation to develop fast. Keep your lawn healthy, and your foundation will stay healthy too.


French drain system installed around the foundation of your property gives a proper traveling path to water. French drain system is something you will need to contact a professional plumber to get it installed. This is something essential to control soil erosion and keep water away from damaging your home.


If you suspect your property is at risk, you should implement the above-mentioned soil erosion prevention strategies to keep your home healthy and topsoil intact.

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