How Ford Makes Hill Drives Easier With Hill Launch Assist

Driving through the winding roads of the hills need a special skill, and even then, the sharp turns and narrow road width can test the best driving skills. Climbing on and off the steep slopes has always been the toughest challenge for the drivers. Understanding the driver’s plight, Ford has introduced their new Hill Launch Assist that is made to take off the worry out from the hill-drivers of rolling down the slope and many other.

How Ford Makes Hill Drives Easier With Hill Launch Assist

What is Hill Start Assist?

As defined by the Du Quoin Ford dealer, the Ford Hill Start Assist is a technology developed to stop a vehicle temporarily from rolling backward or forward in a down slope. The system works with the maintenance of pressure on the braking system for an extra time of 2-3 seconds. This is to allow the driver to get some more time to gain control while lifting the foot off from brake pedal and place it on the accelerator. It once pressure is applied to the accelerator, the brakes would get released automatically.

How it Works

The Ford Hill Start Assist works primarily on the built-in sensors that are integrated with the on-board computer systems. Both the systems together can detect when a vehicle has stopped at the starting of an incline.

Once detected the technology starts working automatically by applying brakes and holding the car in place when it is on the reverse gear. In a nutshell, the system can assist the driver with in every kind of situation that can come in the hilly corners. The technology works with equal efficiency while driving on other slippery surfaces.

The sensors in the accelerometer can easily measure the longitudinal inclination of a slope. If the car is climbing an incline and has a tendency to roll back, the Hill Launch Assist would get automatically activated and hold the car back in its place.

Perfect Hill Starts Every Time

Once the engine could accumulate enough power, it stops the vehicle from rolling down with the Hill Launch Assist. The system releases the brakes to initiate the drive with a smooth glide and no roll. Working for both uphill and downslope driving, it comes handy even when a car has to be parked on an incline.

What It Does:

The Hill Launch Assist helps in holding back a car from rolling forward or backward when it has stopped while driving through an uphill or downhill slope.

It allows an extra time for the driver to shift pedals to gain more control on the vehicle and ensures a smooth ride without a jerk.

What It Does Not:

The Ford dealer serving Du Quoin says that, if you are expecting this technology to manage the car speed automatically while driving up a hill, then you have to wait for the next upgrade.

Summing Up:

The Ford Hill Launch Assist is made available in almost all the latest Ford models like Aspire, Figo, Eco Sport, Mustang and Endeavour. To sum up, the Ford Hill Launch Assist is a marvellous feature that brought more control and safety on the hilly roads.

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