How To Authenticate Roberto Coin Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most prestigious possessions of humans and therefore, multiple things must be considered while buying jewelry. A special type of jewelry is Roberto Coin Jewelry which is an international sensation and is quite famous in most of the countries. If you are planning to buy roberto coin jewelry and are not aware of who to check the authenticity of the same, then here are few tips that will help you in doing so.

How To Authenticate Roberto Coin Jewelry

Hallmark and the gold content

Hallmark is known to be the most basic aspect of judging the authenticity of gold ornaments. According to most of the goldsmiths residing in Europe, 18 Karats or 75% of purity is supposed to be genuine. Roberto coin jewelry comes with a stamp of of 18 KTS which represents high quality of gold. Maker’s mark is also an essential aspect to look for while buying Roberto Coin jewelry.

Location of the Seller

In case you are buying the jewelry from a regular offline store then you must already be aware of the location of the seller. But, while you are buying the same from from an online website, then it becomes important to have all the information of the seller. No matter what online platform you choose to buy the jewelry, make sure that you make a way for contacting the seller directly without the involvement of the website owner.

The Price tag

The same jewelry can have different prices on different platforms and this is the major reason why you should totally go for cross-referencing and check out the genuine price range of the roberto coin jewelry collection if not one single piece of jewelry. If you see Roberto coin jewelry of price less than the general price of the jewelry, then there is a very high possibility of that jewelry being a fake one.

The signature Ruby Inset

The signature of Roberto coin jewelry is a ruby which remains hidden in the jewelry. A minute ruby stone is generally placed on the lower surface of the jewelry according to a popular ancient belief according to which the ruby must be placed as close to the skin as possible. Not every piece of roberto coin jewelry will have a ruby inset and this is a legit reason to consider the jewelry fake.


Quality is yet another extremely essential aspect that must be considered when it comes to jewelry. Not every jeweler or online store will give you that perfect quality roberto coin jewelry. Also, the roberto coin jewelry is a rare type of jewelry and therefore, high quality roberto coin jewelry is even more rare.

Authenticating any type of jewelry is a task in its own and if the jewelry is as rare as the Roberto Coin jewelry, the same gets even more difficult. You can find the most authentic roberto coin jewelry if you go by the five pointers mentioned above. This will help you in selecting the best piece of jewelry.

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