How To Clean A Vape Tank In 4 Steps

Cleaning a vape tank is not a particularly difficult task, but it can be a little bit time consuming, and you want to make sure you do it right. In general, you should clean your tanks every time you change e-liquid flavors, and on a regular basis even if you are using the same flavor consistently. A clean vaporizer tank is the only way to keep your e-liquids tasting tremendous and your coils from getting gunked up.

How to Clean a Vape Tank in 4 Steps

Follow these steps to get your tank looking like new again.

1. Take Your Tank Apart

The first thing you need to do is take your electronic cigarette tank apart completely. It is extremely important to remove the o-rings around the base of your tank as well. Be careful not to damage them during this process. If you don’t remove the o-rings, it is likely that e-liquid residue will build up behind them and could cause a nasty taste to recur. You also need to remove your atomizer head and set it aside at this time, or toss it out and replace it when you’re done cleaning.

2. Give it a Good Soak

The next step is to soak the parts. If you have recently cleaned your vape device’s tank, a full soak may not be necessary, but if you have let your tank sit for a while, a soak is the best way to get any remaining residue out of the cracks and crevices. Some people soak their components in hot water, while others use pure propylene glycol to do the trick. This causes the residue to break down and come loose. Leave the parts to soak in a bowl of water or PG for at least 10 minutes, although you can leave them overnight if things are really gunked up.

3. Rinse Under Warm Water

Now that your parts have soaked, and all remaining e-liquid residue is broken up, it’s time to rinse your parts under warm running water. Make sure you rinse all of the parts completely, paying close attention to the tiny moving components that could gather liquid.

4. Thoroughly Dry

The final stage is to pat your tank down with a towel and then lay out all the parts to dry. Ideally, you should leave the parts to dry overnight, but they may be ready in a few hours. Once they are all thoroughly dry, you can reassemble the tank, replace the atomizer head, and refill the liquid.

Tips for Keeping Your Preserving Your Tank

If you want to keep your tank in good working order, try the best you can to following these few tips: First, use a vape band. Not only will this make you look much cooler in front of your peers, it will also prevent your glass tank from slipping out of your hand and potentially shattering. Next you’ll want to regularly inspect the parts that accompany your tank for any wear and tear. This will help prevent a larger problem by getting ahead of it. Finally, always use your tank and vaping device as the manufacturer intended as these recommendations are, more often than not, for good reason.

That’s all it takes to get a pristinely clean vape tank every time you vape. These four simple steps will ensure that you aren’t getting bad flavors mixed into your current juice. Visit VaporFi today to shop a wide selection of top-brand tanks.

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