How to Get Quebec Immigration Visa for Skilled Workers?

Quebec- the Canadian province

Canada has thirteenterritories and provinces in total and Quebec is one of them. It is the largest one in terms of land area and the second largest in terms of administrative works. The province has certain political as well as historical backgrounds that makes it a major part of the country. It holds the second position when it comes to being the most populated with Ontario holding the first place. A major part of the population here speaks French which is also the only official language. The prime residing area is the Great Montreal area whereas the English speaking population and their institutions are located in the western part of Montreal Island. It is well known for its natural resources which are play a great role in making it economically efficient.

How to Get Quebec Immigration Visa for Skilled Workers?

Planning to work in Quebec?

This province of Canada has a long and deep connection with the French history and the major part of the area is the one where the French colonies were founded in the 17th century. The geography and antiqueness of the place attracts many people from all over the globe. People sometimes come here as tourists who want to see and enjoy the beauty of this place and sometimes come as migrants in search of job and employment. If you too are planning to come to here for working purposes then you must first apply for a visa and fill up form for Quebec immigration visa for skilled workers.

Canada and Quebec have different set of rules!

People may sometimes think that being a part of Canada, it will have the same visa application process as that of the country or maybe getting a Canadian visa will allow them to work in this province too, but the reality is just the opposite. Though Quebec is a Canadian province, but it has totally different rules and selection criteria than that followed everywhere else in the country. The opportunities available can also be different here. The region is economically prosperous, which creates a demand for manpower but if you are not a local resident then you must first apply for the visa keeping the rules in mind.

How to get the visa?

Before applying for the Quebec skilled workers, you must understand what the basic requirements for it are-

  • The applicant should be qualified in the specialized sill.
  • Should have gained training at least 5 years prior to the applying date.
  • Should have some work experience and that too not older than 5 years from the date of applying.
  • The age of the person should be more than 17 years.
  • Should have a proficiency in the English and French languages.
  • The applicant is strictly required to have a job offer from the Quebec organization.
  • If the person is married, then the education and language qualifications of the spouse are equally important.
  • The candidate should prove that he is economically self-sufficient before entering the province.

If you have all of these things, then you are eligible to apply for the skilled visa and immigrate easily to the country.

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