How To Improve Your Child’s Reading Fluency

Reading fluency is one essential aspect that is viable in strengthening your child’s elementary years. Faster reading has more significant benefits from all perspectives. Reading skills are remarkably required to enhancing the grip of the languages and understanding other subjects. While some students quickly get familiar with reading fluency, some need extra attention to catch up the pace. Also, reading plays a vital role in understanding other subjects such as math, science, and social science

For instance, reading fluency also helps in improving child’s writing skill. The more he/she indulges in reading, the more he/she gets familiar with new and challenging words. Also, it also helps in improving vocabulary. When your child becomes the fluent reader, he/she starts getting things quickly and easily. Also, fluent readers are more confident and socially active than those of non-fluent readers.

How To Improve Your Child’s Reading Fluency

So, if you want your child’s reading fluency improves, here are some reading method you can opt to help your child with reading fluency.

Echo Reading

Echo reading is a form of modeling where you read a sentence, and then you instruct your child to read aloud the same. This way you are making your child familiar with words and improve their vocabulary. Also, instruct your child to use such words in daily conversations so that they can easily remember those words.

Understand Your Child’s Reading Pattern

Once your child starts reading, you start noticing what his/her weaknesses are. Moreover, there are three components of reading fluency accuracy, automacy and prosody. These components are helpful in measuring how a reader uses timing, phrasing, phrasing, emphasis to bring out the meaning from the sentence.

Instruct Him/Her to Read Same Passage Again and Again

To master the reading fluency, one requires regular practice and constant adherence. One effective method is to instruct your child is to read the same passage again and again. This will help him/her in getting familiar with words and pattern of sentences. Also, he/she will know the style of reading that will make sense to sentence.

Memorization of Poems

One of the best ways is to let your child read and memorize short poems and passages. This will help him/her in getting familiar with new words, structure, and meaning of the sentence. Also, he/she will get to learn the pattern of written languages.

Make Reading More Fun

It is also important that your child does not feel bored when reading and will easily lose the loop. There are few ways you can make them excited, let him/her choose their favorite books, find a cozy place for reading, talk about the cover of the book, try to relate the story to your life. This way the curiosity of the child will be alive.

To Sum It Up

When your child starts reading different books related to the different topic, he/she not only improving his reading fluency but also acquiring a plethora of information that makes them confident to explore themselves on social platforms.

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