How To Make SEO Friendly Website?

In today competitive world, creating a well-designed, well-professional website is will not ensure that your website receives a high amount of traffic. So, here you need to understand what is the problem with your website, how to fix it to improve the ranking of a website. Maybe you have a great website but what if it will not appear on SERP. The main problem with it is not having an SEO friendly website.

How To Make SEO Friendly Website?

SEO is important for any website, without SEO is become impossible to increase the ranking of a website. If your website is not SEO friendly, is not updated according to all Google updates then you can’t get high traffic to your website.

If you are a beginner and want to make your website SEO friendly then must read the following tips:

  1. Focus on Domain Name: The First step is domain registration. According to SEO, Domain name of your website must be short, simple, and unique and contain some relevant keywords according to your business. It is advised that use your company name and keywords in your URL. Don’t use keyword stuffing, poor TLD or hyphenated URLs. Buy a URL that is easy to understand for the users or for the search engines.
  1. Plan your website design: After buying a domain name for your website, make proper planning to build a website. Collect all the information related to your business, plan a design for your website. From top to bottom SEO must be kept in mind. Site, URL architecture must be good for making an attractive website.
  1. Research keywords: When you need to design a Search engine friendly website carry out the research for keywords. Make effective use of keyword research tools to search the relevant keywords that could help one grab the attention of the prospective audience. Also, analyze competition search and misspelling search.
  1. Loading Time: Loading time of your website must be less than 5 seconds to make your website SEO friendly. If your website will not load on time then, the user will leave your site and switch on another website. Keep loading time of your website is less so that it will provide fast response to users.
  1. Mobile Friendly Design: Google gives preference to those sites which are responsive and run on every platform like Windows, Android, Linux, Mac etc. To create a fully mobile friendly website you need to analyze the needs of users. What a user will do on their phone is often far different from what they will do on the computer. By understanding user experience you can make a more responsive site.
  1. The content of the page: The content is generally more important whenever we talk about any website. A website will rank higher when your website contains unique and quality content. After googling panda update this is another factor to get higher ranking on Google, must ensure that context of your website is clear. The title, Meta description, headings all is helpful in this.

These are some useful things which you need to keep in mind for making your website SEO friendly. Other than all these Image optimizations, Internal linking, Indexation all is necessary to make a website friendlier.

How To Make SEO Friendly Website?

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