How To Prepare For The IIT JEE Main Examination

Whenever we commit to something it’s important that we make a schedule. A schedule is the key to success because not only does it help you plan out your day, it tells you at what time should you be doing a particular thing. Even if you’re not the sort of person who likes to be told what to do, a schedule can become your best friend because it’s ultimately made by you and nobody understands you better than yourself.

How to prepare for the JEE Main exam:

How To Prepare For The IIT JEE Main Examination

1. Concentrate on your board exams: Yes you read that that right. Before you embark on your JEE examination journey, know that your board examination marks are extremely vital to get into the renowned engineering colleges in India. You cannot compromise on your board exams at the cost of your JEE mains. Yes JEE mains will open the pathway to a probable bright future but you cannot give your board exams again and you’ll have to carry these marks with you when it comes to the college decision process. Therefore choose wisely.

2. Start early: The key to cracking the exam is to have a game plan from class XI. You must have a clear vision of the fact that this is what you want to pursue and make sure you devote enough time to it. You can also go for an online iit jee coaching which will be easier and more student friendly. Starting a year early is ideal however some people start two years in advance and some people take a crash course. Refrain from taking up a crash course just a month before the exams. There is too much to learn in a period of a month and even if you are serious you won’t be able to deliver up to your potential. Along with this there are high chances of losing motivation.

3. Make your class XII textbooks your closest friends: These books have ample knowledge to help you sail through the exam. You can also use NCERT books that are economical and are prepared by experts on different subjects. Make sure you don’t use an array of books to prepare for your examination. This will leave you feeling confused and you won’t be able to cover as much as you want for the sheer number of options.

4. JEE main examinations test how much you have understood a particular topic. Your basics should be clear. Test yourself on the fundamentals with the help of IIT coaching online till you know that you are thorough with your concepts.

5. Take help from the last years question papers- Solve these question papers and solve them twice or thrice if you can. Even though you’ll not be getting the same questions, you’ll have a full understanding of the question paper pattern and the way they will test you.

6. Time management: In any competitive exam, you have to abide by a timer which will run faster than you think when you’re giving an exam. Practice as much as you can so that you can finish the paper before time.

If you follow these tips, you will sail through your examination with ease.

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