Issues Surrounding HR Certification

There has been a state of chaos in the world of HR today. The reason behind this turmoil is a changeover of HR certifications that were granted by the certification partner of a highly renowned HR association that has broken its ties from the certifying body and is in a phase of introducing its own certification.

As a result of these recent developments, confusion has prevailed among HR people who have already been certified as it is difficult for them to understand whether the certificates that they hold are of any use now or they need to get themselves certified again.

For people who have already taken the pains and paid a huge amount of money during the whole certification process, it is genuine to be concerned. And after observing such things, all of this seems like a big scam. Though professional education and the idea of continuous learning are wonderful, it should not be mandatory for some to carry a credential in human resources to showcase their knowledge of the field.

These days it has become highly common for institutes to create certifications in not just HR but many other fields such as project management, database administration and more. As a result of which hiring managers and HR employees begin to include such credentials as a necessary requirement for job postings. That is how professional human resource certification gains popularity leading such companies to succeed in their endeavor.

Issues Surrounding HR Certification

For people who wish to make a career in the HR field, the value of a certification is majorly for becoming qualified for jobs which makes any professional HR certification a horrible scam. If we think about it practically, professionals in HR do not really need a certificate to be good at their jobs. To be successful, rather than getting certified, a human resource employee needs to have useful qualities like:

  • being a good communicator
  • being able to make an association between people, processes & organizational culture
  • have excellent human skills
  • Be honest about messy subject

That’s all it really takes for a person to make their niche in the human resources field. It is not essential for a person to go for a top professional certificate and give intense written tests for a human function like HR.

It would not be correct to blame people for seeking certification as they are not left with any other option but to earn one in order to get a job. They have just become a part of a broken system and are forced to keep faith in it. As a matter of fact, certification is nothing but an absurd notion, as it fails to evaluate someone for employment who doesn’t have a real-life experience in human resources. Learning thousands of facts about human resources is not going to make you an expert until you actually start working in the field.

There is not one way to become an outstanding HR professional. It is you who have to follow your brain and heart to decide which path you want to take for having a prosperous career in human resources.

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