Know From Amatex Capital The Challenges Of Doing Business In Ukraine

Ukraine has always shown dichotomic characteristics in the international business world, and as far as its geographical location is concerned, it does possess a strategic advantage in the heart of Europe. Not just Russia, Ukraine does have a legitimate connection with the Middle East as well. But with so many benefits, one does have the instinctive feeling that starting up a business in Ukraine and operating it is indeed a cake walk. But only firms like Amatex Capital know how it can turn out to be a nightmare as the administrative regulations are not that easy as it seems to be. The bureaucratic government and the costly procedures to find the permission do not drive the investors to start up in Ukraine.

Know From Amatex Capital The Challenges Of Doing Business In Ukraine

But is success that sweet if there are no challenges at all. Even though there are plenty of resources already available in Ukraine and it does have the strategic advantage of its geographical position, why does it ranks 137th among the 185 countries which are globally trying to climb up the ladder of the economy? Why is the rate of progress so slow for Ukraine?

Know How Tough Can It Get to Start a Business In Ukraine From Amatex Capital

While starting up any business, one needs to go through not just a stringent procedure, but also a lengthy and arduous one, which continues in seven distinct steps for three weeks. While in the rest of the countries, the investors are welcomed to partner with the existing companies helping them to grow their branches, Ukraine prohibits random investment within. So being a foreign investment company, all you need to find is looking for a limited liability company in Ukraine to start up with your venture in Ukraine.

As far as construction permits and dealing with them are concerned, Ukraine is in the 182nd position in the entire globe. So that again is a hindrance to setting up a business, because you can’t just have your operational space in the middle of the open land. There is a long process of twenty individual steps which takes more than a year for the companies to get the permit and start the construction process complying with the rules of the administrative bodies.

Even though Ukraine has jumped quite a few places up in the category of ease of registering property, it is still the 149th nation in the world. So, that is not entirely of an achievement. Seventy days and ten procedures are what you need to spare to register a property. The legal stringency can, however, be guessed irrespective of the fact that the market seems to be very promising.

There are a couple of proactive information strategies being set up, and even Amatex Capital believes that the conditions have become much better for the investors and their protection. The legal environment is improving, and the demand and return on investment have always been high for Ukraine. All you need to do is have patience and the endurance to start up your venture because once you build it up, the longtime returns will always be high.

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