Looking For The Best Roofing Contractors In Little Rock? Here’s A Top 10 List

To choose the right roofing contractor for your house can be a daunting task. When choosing the contractor for working on your Roofing Little Rock you must make sure that they have a good reputation and are well experienced in roofing work. This is important because the roof is the part of your home that withstands the harsh elements. During rain, water should not be able to seep through. If any leakage occurs it could create problems with the electrical wiring and weaken the structure.

Some of the important factors that you must check for while selecting the roofing contractor to work on your roof are

Looking For The Best Roofing Contractors In Little Rock? Here's A Top 10 List

Local Contractor – You must look for the contractor who is well established in your locality. This is important as he should be able to provide you services under warranty which is usually around 5 years. It shouldn’t so happen that the company vanishes even before your warranty expires.

Liability Insurance – Please ask for proof of insurance before entrusting any work to your contractor. The contractor must have workers compensation as well as liability insurance. You may even call the insurance provider to confirm. If the contractor does not have insurance any injury to the worker while working on your premises will be your responsibility. Also if any damages occur to the structure during the work the liability insurance covers it.

Right Pricing – Do not decide the contractor based on lower quotes. You will ultimately get the quality of work you pay for. Opting for the lowest quote for Roofing Little Rock can actually prove to be more costly and troublesome in the long run.

Beware of Storm Chasers – Do not entrust the work to the knock-on –the- door people. They are just canvassing. They will use pressure tactics to try and get you to sign the intent letter, do not sign any letter. Choose your contractor through references or recommendations of known people.

Ask for details in writing – You must discuss every aspect before finalizing. Ask the contractor to give in writing the scope of the job

Details of the work that will be carried out.
The number of people who will be engaged in the work.
Time is taken to complete the work.
Warranty period and terms of the warranty.
Payment terms, do not settle the bill till the job is completed satisfactorily.
Top 10 Roofing Contractors in Little Rock, AR

1. Todd Crow Roofing Incorporated

Services offered

Chimney Cleaning

Composite Shingle Roofing Installation

Composite Shingle Roofing Repair

Fireplace Cleaning

Flat Roofing Installation

2. Raintight Roofing Inc.

With over 30 years of combined experience
BBB Accredited Business with an A+ Rating

3. New Design Roofing Inc.

SPECIALIZED IN Gutter & Downspout Repair

4. AQ Roofing, LLC

Been providing awnings installation, gutter cover installation, and roof flashing installation since 2003.

5. Mr. Roofing Engineer

Franchise of Mr. PowerSlab as a licensed contractor from the State of Arkansas


SPECIALIZED IN tackling projects in high places

7.Regal Restoration

Offers free estimates/quotes and are fully licensed and insured

8. P.I. Roof Maintenance, Inc.

Full-service Roofing Company. Residential or Commercial Roofing and Roof Maintenance.

9. Benson Restoration

Storm Damage Roofing Contractor. Serving Central AR for 36yrs A+ BBB

10. A Q Roofing Llc

Primarily a family business since 2007.


While selecting the right contractor for your Roofing Little Rock you must consider all the above-mentioned factors. This will ensure that you get good quality work and full value for your money without any complications.

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