An increasing number of people including celebrities are opting for homeschooling their children instead of sending them to public and private schools to be a part of the rat-race. But not every parent, as well as kids, can adapt to this non-conventional form of teaching and learning.

In the zeal to make homeschooling effective and get best results, make sure you don’t ruin the purpose of homeschooling with the following mistakes:

Either going overboard with scheduling or not scheduling enough:

What most parents assume is that since now their kids are studying at home, they have all the time in the world and they can get them enrolled in art classes, piano lessons, gymnast training, etc. Overscheduling can lead to burnout and all the efforts would go to drain Similarly under-scheduling by not including variety or fun activities in the schedule can slow down the learning in kids

Having unreasonable expectations:

Yes, your neighbor kid cleared a district level exams with homeschooling, but your kid at the same age is still struggling with numbers. So?
Every child has the learning pace that helps them grow. Instead of having unrealistic expectation from a homeschool program, figure out what subjects interests your child, identify the problem area and accordingly frame a practical course.

Not managing the room:

The room where you plan to homeschool your child should be well-stocked with all the necessary supplies. Be dedicated to organizing your homeschool room from day one and allow your kids to be a part of it by giving them the authority to decide how’d they like to organize their educational supplies.

Allowing the schedule to rule you:

It is commendable to be loyal with the homeschooling scheduling but do not let it rule you. What would the difference remain between a school and homeschool, then? The objective is to ensure that after those study-hours, the children leave the room with new-found information and not in haste to complete assignments for the day.

Not heeding children’s feedback:

Whether or not the curriculum is effective, could only be best known by how children critique the sessions. If they are not verbal about it, keenly observe their reaction when talking about certain subjects. Again, this is where homeschooling is different from schooling. The parents have the freedom to scrap what is not working.

Homeschooling has been proven to help children learn and grow better. You can add the tips mentioned above to mitigate the monotony of the same routine. This will make the sessions interesting and intrigue kids to look for more such fun learning sessions. If you are having difficulty finding a homeschool curriculum package for your children, you should see at online stores where you will find custom homeschool plan per your child’s needs. If instead of homeschool curriculum package, you would instead purchase supplies subject wise, you will find that too along with free worksheet.

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