Mobile Learning Apps: Benefits And Advantages

Mobile learning apps are making every student lives lot more fun and easy. The educational applications are rapidly becoming the common means of learning. More and more people are recognizing the advantages of online learning, hence, the approach towards educational applications is becoming more of the standard rather than an exception. Some benefits and advantages of using mobile learning apps are given in the points mentioned below.


Educational apps support both voluntary and active learning. The applications provide an environment that allows students to access books and solutions like NCERT Solutions Class 8, games, interactive videos and much more. This level of constant accessibility can be from a tablet, laptop, smartphone and various other gadgets.

Diverse learning

Every student prefers to learn differently. The educational applications provide a revolutionary feature for the delivery of information. With the help of these mobile learning apps, students can learn from various educational games, video lessons, micro-sized content, and even through face-to-face interaction with qualified mentors.


Unlike textbooks and PCs, the educational applications are lightweight and portable. Students can easily install the educational applications on their phones, tablets or other portable gadgets. This will let them study anywhere and at any time.

Track progress

The educational apps come with a special feature which lets students track their progress all the time. Students can check where they made mistakes or where they need improvement. The app provides a complete report of the student’s progress so that they can develop themselves accordingly.


The best feature of the mobile learning applications is the availability of e-books or online books. The educational apps provide various electronic books and solution books like NCERT Solutions Class 9, RS Aggarwal, RD Sharma, and various other textbooks which students can download and start studying any time.

These were some advantages and benefits of using educational applications for learning. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch interactive video lessons on various math and science topics.

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