Over Forties Need To Let The Ghosts Of Old Fashion Rules Die

New aging norms notwithstanding, 40 remains a pivotal point for most women. If mom-hood was a goal, it’s likely achieved with all its attendant badges in the form of scars, bulges and pounds. Ultraviolet light, gravity and Father time are all a bit less forgiving. It no longer works to throw on just anything and bolt out the door.

But, before you give into this morose picture, assuming you’ve hit the magic number, remember the kicking bod you had in your twenties is still there, albeit contoured a bit by extra flesh and curves, which believe it or not many find quite pleasing. It’s definitely not time to invest in tunics and flower-child skirts, unless that’s always been a secret yen of yours. Those treasured fashion rules, honored by your mother and your mother’s mother, needn’t haunt you. Instead, pay heed to some new fashion for women over 40 norms.

Pump Up The Volume

If Private Dancer, Tina Turner, can strut confidently across the stage wearing high heels, you should feel equally entitled. Pump it up with pumps. To professionalize the look go for wedges.

And while we’re on the subject of volumizing, don’t let anyone tell you that it’s time to wear your hair at an ‘appropriate’ length, unless your opting for buns and braids. As long as your ends are healthy and your hair is in good shape keep it any length that makes you happy.

Rock Those Trends

Don’t be intimidated because wet blankets suggest women over 40 women shouldn’t appear in public in culottes, animal prints, fishnet stockings, neon hosiery, leggings, Peter Pan collars, or whatever the taboo of the moment is. There will always be a gorgeous over-50 super model to prove them wrong. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t benefit from her choices. As long as your figure can carry off the clothes you should feel emboldened to wear them.

Leather And Denim

Probably nothing says young and carefree like leather and denim. Unfortunately, older women get frowned on for acquiring and wearing these wardrobe staples, which is ludicrous. Daisy Duke shorts may be a poor choice for you and half the young women that opt for them. It might be wise too to avoid jeans so tattered they show off parts of you even your husband doesn’t see on a regular basis. Otherwise, feel free to wear those tastefully torn denims with a biker jacket. Gorgeous.

Eschew The One Piece

Nothing says over the hill like the entirely tasteful, yet matronly, one-piece. Wear a cover-up if a few stretch marks leave you feeling vulnerable. But, feel free to sun, tan and surf in two pieces.

Appendage Couture

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not time to cover up legs and arms just because the decade before the half century mark has arrived. Fashion for women over 40 rules that bare shoulders and knees are still fly at forty, as are minis, knee-high boots and halter-tops.

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