People and Their Addictions

Well in this day and age it’s really not a big surprise how many people you find that are addict to something. These people range from doctors, soccer moms, dentists, teachers, surgeons and the list just go’s on and on. Why so many addicts you might ask? Well its because in my personally opinion there’s to many things in the world today that are way to addictive.

You got people hooked to pain killers which are suppose to help you not turn you into a junkie, you got people who sniff paint and glue and gas, then you got people who are addicted to anti-depressants and like stated the list keeps going on and on. I myself am a recovering cocaine abuser which was introduced to me in high school. I beat my addiction all by myself but ended up replacing it with smoking weed.

It’s a never ending cycle which can be beat under the right circumstances. A lot of people don’t even realize they are addicted something until its way to late weather its losing everything or losing your life. There’s only one thing to do if someone thinks they might have an addiction, that’s figure out what your addicted to weather or not its smoking, drinking, doping just figure it out.

Then look in you local area for some kind of substance abuse councilor and see if you need help. I can’t sit here and judge no one I know how hard it is to get clean and stay clean but think of it this way, your doing it for everyone around you not just yourself. I promise in the long run you will feel better about yourself if you get help before its to late. For all those that have beat addiction keep up the good fight and stay clean for those around you! God Bless Everyone!


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