Powerful Tools Of Google

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is used to track the traffic of a website. If you have a website and it is getting some traffic. Then it‘s the time to integrate Google Analytics in it. Once you sign in your Gmail account, you can create an Analytics Account. Enter the details of domain that you want to track your visitors. After entering details, you will get the tracking code of Google Analytics. Put this code in the html page of your website. You can place it in the footer or header section of html page. Once you placed the code, it will automatically track the visitors. In the Audience section of Analytics account, you can see the visitor count of website. Also you can track country wise or city wise. You can also track the referral, search and direct visits.

Google Webmaster Tools: Also called as Search Console, helps the user to check his website’s performance in the search results. Firstly site verification is necessary and it is done by simply uploading a meta tag from search console to your website in the head section. There are also several other techniques available for site verification. If the verification is done, you can check the Search Appearance, Search Traffic, Google indexation, Crawl details and Security Issues. Also it is necessary to submit a Sitemap in the Search Console for indexing the pages in your Website. Usually Sitemaps are created in xml format.

Google Adwords: Google Adwords account can be simply created by signing in your gmail account. It is also called as PPC (Pay per Click). Google adwords provides Keyword Planner. Through this keyword planner, we can search our keyword phrase and as a result we get a list of keywords with the count of monthly searches and the amount we want to pay for every bid. Since Adwords is a paid campaign, we want to pay for displaying it in the top of search results. The payment is based on every click, on the ad.

Google Adsense: If you are getting decent traffic, then you can apply for Google Adsense. Before that, you need to make sure that you have posted more than 60 articles in your website. Also ensure that your website is compatible with AdSense and its policies. Then Sign up and login to your AdSense account. You will get the Adsense Code and copy paste it in your lay out. Then wait for 1-2 weeks for final review & approval. Once your account is approved, you can display the ad. So that you earn money for every impression and click it generated. There is two methods of earning – one is Cost Per Click (CPC) and another is cost per thousand impression (CPM). In CPC, you will get money for every click it generated and in the case of CPM, you would earn money for thousand impressions. They will pay you once you acquired the Payment Threshold of 100 US Dollar. They pays monthly if reached payment Threshold.

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