Preparing for a Legal Battle? Get the right Criminal Defense Help on your side

Kevin J Napper the first and last name in criminal law. He can and will get you out of a tight jam with the law. More than keeping you out of jail, he guides you in the right direction to s better way of life. No case is too small or too large.

Mr. Napper will legally be able to strong arm a case in your favor. He has over thirty years of experience in settling cases in and out of court. Medical malpractice, personal injury as well as going after seemingly untouchable government agencies. Mr. Kevin J Napper is passionate about his profession and is hungry to fight for a positive outcome for his clients.

Have you had undesirable results with other attorneys? Maybe you’ve had lawyers who start out running but slow down once the case gets difficult. This is just not the case with Mr. Napper. Please don’t let the name fool you he will not be napping on the job. Let us now discuss some of the cases that he has handled.

Here’s an example of his determination. The United States vs Corporate Controller: This case was a large public company that was in litigation for 8 years after which the Department of Justice dismissed the case in favor of the defendant. Another case is The United States of America vs Shipping Company Senior Executive: In this case, Mr. Napper represented his client. It was dismissed before it went to trial. These are just a few examples of his stick to itness to a case.

On October 12, 2016, the magazine Business Observer published an article stating that Mr. Nappers’ firm would be continuing to represent private and public companies. He will also keep on representing doctors, nurses, P.A.s’ and the like. Plus he will continue to take on cases for state and federal executives and other such as clients. He is located in the Tampa Florida area but will provide his services outside of said area.

As mentioned earlier he has worked as a criminal defense attorney for 30 years. In Tampa, he worked for the U.S. attorneys’ office and the state attorneys’. Mr.Napper also worked at Carlton Fields which has more than 10 offices nationwide. They are located in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and New York City. On August 8, 2016, Kevin Napper was named Tampa lawyer of the year.

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