Qualities Of A Neurosurgeon

A neurosurgeon also goes by the name of neurological surgeons. They are surgeons who specialize in the treatment of disorders of the nervous system or the brain and this includes the spinal cord.  Specialized education and dedicated training are part of the job where they are required to perform a host of complex tasks. From time to time they have won many accolades for their dedication.


The old school of thought relating to treatment of head injuries arose it was pertaining to the 16th century B.C in Egypt. There was no form of knowledge related to sterilization or anaesthesia, head surgeries were only performed by the surgeons when all other forms of treatment has failed to yield in the desired results. The reason for it is that many patients went on to die after their head treatment. The modern version of neurosurgery developed in the early part of the 19th century and surgeons went to remove fluids from the brain and diagnose any form of brain injuries. All these surgical procedures were performed without causing any harm to a patient.

Qualities Of A Neurosurgeon

Training along with education

One of the added advantages of being a neurosurgeon is formal training and education are very much part of the job. This does mean that very little competition is needed in the job and most of them are part of the top neurology hospital in India. First and foremost you would need to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Though one does not have to undertake a major course in biology, but it is recommended that specialization in the subject along with chemistry would be an added advantage. Then you would have to spend 4 years in acquiring a MD degree. This is to be followed by a one year practice along with a 7 year residency program. After that you are qualified to become a neurosurgeon.

Helping people

Though most of the physicians are committed towards healing people, neurosurgeons are more concerned with gratifying pain from impending death or severe pain. They go on to perform a host of complicated procedures and this would include removal of damaged areas of your brain or eradication of brain tumours. From time to time they do participate in various research programs whereby medical advice on any disease is provided where still no form of cure has been developed.

The financial package

 The Best neuro hospitals dish out attraction roll out attractive packages for the surgeons. If you break it down carefully it works out to be all the more. Though earnings could be on the higher side, but from time to time they are forced to defend against malpractices that are inflicted upon them. The salary bracket is going to stay high as it because of the shortage of skilled manpower in this domain.

If you are considering a visit to a neurosurgeon, it is suggested that you find out about their expertise along with the track record of their surgeries. This is a complicated form of surgery, so all precautions needs to be taken well in advance.

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