Rotary Airlock Valves – The Bulk Handlers Of Industry

Rotary airlock valves are one of the integral industry equipment without which the easy material handling is hard to believe or achieve. They are used highly in areas where constant air pressure and material handling is required. These are also referred as rotary feeders or rotary airlock feeders.

An optimal airlock or air isolation is the mandatory condition for any transitive industrial machine to avoid air pressure loss or the temperature loss in mid of any industrial operation. These valves provide a constant pressure in term of air and allow various application including handling grains, dust and other free flowing particles needing a constant supply of air. Their airtight system protects any air loss to the system resulting in isolation from outside pressure or air which may result in pressure loss for the system.

Blow- thru airlock valves: These blow-thru valves are used highly in the agricultural environment where the need is to handle the grain / wheat / or any other crop particles which are to be sent in any pneumatic conveying system for any further activity. These rotary airlock valves being air tight in nature provides a continuous flow of pressure of grains to the system. As the name suggest blow-thru the particles are fed to one side of valves and these valves providing pressure at a high rate blows the grain particles to another end where the conveying system is being placed.

1. Abrasion resistant rotary airlock valves: Abrasion is generally the mechanical wears for machines and these wears can cause severe damages to the industry processes. These wears are the result of fiction between various parts of the machine and the heat caused. These abrasion resistant rotary airlock valves can help avoid this friction by providing continuous pressure and avoiding any chance of scraps coming in between machine parts.

2. Dust collector rotary valve: Dust collectors are one of the best industrial equipment for collecting the dust particles and left over metal. These valves create a vacuum and suck in the dust and other scrap and help to manage these dust particles in a safe way. The continuous high-pressure vacuum operates at a great force to do this task with a heavy duty motor operating behind it.

3. Heavy duty pressure airlock valve: These heavy duty pressure valves are used in grain mills. It is provided with heavy duty and high power motor which provides an airtight chamber for collecting the grains and feeding them to further machines to make flour from it.

4. Sanitary airlock valves: These airlock valves are used in sanitary machines used to clean various sanitary sewage and blockage both at commercial and personal uses. These come with high isolated and airtight environment not allowing any smell or false odor to leak out from it.

These were some of the general uses which I just mentioned about rotary airlock valve manufacturer but they are far more diverse. They are no doubt the backbone for most of the machine used these days are no doubt the bulk handlers.

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