Searching for a Certified Home Healthcare Agency

There are a couple of good tips and pointers to follow when searching for a certified Home Healthcare Agency. The number one thing anyone should do before making big decisions is follow through on their research. Research and can save everyone a lot of time and heartache if done properly and should be done as a family. Along with researching one should ask questions. Everyone wants what is best for their family members and the only way to give the best is to get answers to these important questions.

Are they licensed by the state?

What services are provided?

Are the services available 24/7?

What type of Staff members do they have? A registered nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, social worker, nutritionist?

How many years of experience does the person have and how long have they been with the company?

What happens if a staff member doesn’t show up?

If we are unhappy with a worker can we request a new staff member?

What is the out-of-pocket cost?

Does the Home Healthcare Agency accept Medicaid and Medicare?

Are there any additional fees for the service?

Is there any written contract that we can review before making a decision?

How often does the staff communicate with family members and in what way do they reach out to them; for example, by a phone call, by email, or with a written report?

Another great way a person can find out about the quality is by contacting the Better Business Bureau for their rating and to find out if there are any complaints and if so, were they resolved and how they were handled. There are also reviews by looking on the internet but keep in mind it is best not to get the reviews off of the company’s website because they can sometimes be biased. Only use the company’s website for gathering information in order to help come up with a conclusion or final decision.

One can also ask for references. Many people use agencies and either friends or family have someone or know someone that use them. Word of mouth is always the best form of advertisement and can give a lot of information to an individual that is searching for answers.

During the process of finding a home health care agency for their loved ones to be well taken care of, they should always be aware of and follow their gut instinct. For example, if the slightest thing does not feel right or look right, it is best not to use that company and continue in their search elsewhere. One can also call the Area Council on Aging and ask for their recommendations.

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