If you haven’t heard of a vision board recently, you’ve probably been living under a rock. While there are still debates about whether the principle works or not, there are quite a lot of people who swear by its effects including celebrities like Jim carry and Oprah Winfrey. Authors have written books on the principle of Law of attraction, the core principle at the foundation of vision boards, and it seems to work for too many people to be a hoax. There is even law of attraction app that has been quite popular

So keeping our faith in the universe and a little bit in ourselves, if creating a vision board is what it takes to channelize our energy in the right direction and to attract positivity in our life, it’s not that big a cost to pay.

I myself have had a vision board for about a year now and have seen considerable change in my life and thus I have continued using it. In this year of experimenting and updating, I’ve found out some pretty good discoveries that have helped me use my vision board better.

Here are some of them :

Use an App

I cannot stress this enough. Using an app whether you have a physical vision board or not can be very helpful in multiple ways. I have been using a law of attraction app on my android phone for many months now and have experienced how helpful it can be. You can see your vision board any time of the day no matter what. And access is important. You can even make your digital vision board your cellphone wallpaper to make sure you see it daily.

Appeal To Your Aesthetics

Whatever appeals to our aesthetics, we are bound to see it more often and proactively./ So make sure your vision board is aesthetically appealing. A vision board is only successful if you see it and keep updating it on a regular basis.

Use Up The Space Correctly

While you are free to make your vision board as bog as you want, it’s better to start small. Use up the space properly by covering the entire board and not leaving too much space between the things you pin up there. I usually cut everything in a rectangle or square and paste them edge to edge to take up the entire space.

Overlapping is Okay

While too much overlapping can make your board seem messy, a little bit of it can work perfectly fine giving your vision board an effortless look. I usually overlap my list of deadlines when there’s an urgent and sudden deadline to be submitted before the rest. This makes me focus on the urgent work taking my mind off the other ones which works in my favor.

While these tips are universal and will help anyone with a vision board, continuous use of a vision board or the law of attraction app, you’ll surely find some new things that work for you better than other things. If you already have some tricks up your sleeves, share them in the comment section below and help out fellow dreamers.

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