Some Popular Indian Street Food

The taste and aroma of Indian street foods are like a magic that hasreserved a special place in the heart of all foodies. Huge varieties of street foods are available in this country and if you are a street food lover, then probably you have heard about most of these foods.

The demand and popularity of these street foods are so huge that people make a crowd in front of these shops. Whether its school and college students or office goers, all of them like to stop for a while and taste their favourite street food before returning home.

Some Popular Indian Street Food

It is really a mouth-watering topic, so let’s continue it and discuss some of the popular street food in India:

Samosa: It is an all-time classic and popular Indian snack filled with spiced potato, peas, cauliflower etc. Most of the people love the taste of delicious samosas as a very famous street food. In Mumbai, you can discover the street food snacks of samosa sandwich and samosa-pav, whereas, in the north, you can discover samosa cholechaat.

PavBhaji: It is among the hugely famous street foods from Mumbai. PavBhaji is basically about spiced smooth mix and mashed vegetables and it goes well with lightly roasted buttered bread. You can also cook the pavbhaji recipe using your pressure cooker by following its recipe.

Some other scrumptious snack dishes from Mumbai are vadapav, masala pav, and misalpav. You can search the pavbhaji recipe in marathi in the internet.

AlooTikki: It is a well-known North Indian snack that is about crisp and spiced potato patties. In North India, this delicious tikki is generally accompanied with chana masala and topped with onions, green chutney, and sweet tamarind chutney along with some fresh curd.

Tikki is one type of deep fried or shallow fried cutlet or patty. Fundamentally, Indian tikki is the twin of the western patty that is utilized in burgers. Different types of tikki can be prepared based on the added ingredients.

Apart from alootikki, vegetable cutlet, corn patties, ragda patties, paneer cutlet, bread cutlet, mushroom cutlet, etc. are included in this group.

Veg Noodles: It is very popular Indo Chinese stir-fried recipe of noodles accompanied with vegetables. You can make it neither hot nor spicy by not using any chilli sauce. However, if you want to make it spicy, then you can follow the recipe of schezwan noodles. These are stir-fried and spicy vegetable noodles prepared with schezwan sauce.

Veg Momos: These are steamed dumplings stuffed with a lightly spiced filling of vegetable. It is a lightly spiced recipe that has become a prominent street food snack in most of the Indian cities. You can also learn the recipe formomos chutney.

PaniPuri: Rarely any street food lover is there, who does not like these fried crisp dough balls. These balls are stuffed with potatoes, sprouts, sweet chutney, and spicy tangy water. You will experience different flavors and tastes in your mouth while you taste panipuri.

Bhelpuri and veg hakka noodles are other two popular street foods.

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