Strains to Tackle the Scurge of ADHD

ADHD is a condition which is becoming more widespread. Reasons for this vary, but there is now a focus on finding treatment solutions to help with this problem. It can be hard to treat, and attention has now turned to cannabis as a possible treatment solution, according to

Recent scientific evidence points to the fact that ADHD sufferers who make use of cannabis on a daily basis have noticed that their focus and concentration have improved remarkably. Many sufferers have been astounded at how cannabis has changed their lives for the better.

So, what strains are known to be effective at tackling ADHD?


Cinex is one of the most popular strains. Users have noticed a marked increase in mental energy and improved engagement for tasks that require concentration, as a result of using Cinex. At first, users of Cinex often report a weird “wired euphoria”, which then mellows over time. Creativity is also bolstered by this strain. For those of you who suffer from anxiety, we would recommend you avoid this strain, as it can start racing thoughts.

Green Crack

Now, it is important not to be alarmed by the name of this strain. Green Crack is still cannabis and many users have reported improvements in the symptoms of their ADHD by using this strain. The name of the strain actually came from Snoop Dog, who likened the effects of the strain to the stimulating properties of crack. It allows users to become more motivated and focussed on a task that they are looking to complete. The senses of the user become noticeably more sharpened too. Plus the tropical flavour is also a hit!

True OG

The third strain we would recommend is True OG. This is another strain which is able to help you focus and keep you calm when under pressure. For those of us who suffer from racing thoughts, True OG has been known to help with this and help you relax. Because True OG helps with reducing stress, it benefits the sufferer of ADHD immensely.

Red Congolese

Red Congolese is a little-known sativa that is slowly becoming more recognized for its medicinal benefits. It is a great strain for when you need to get energized for the day ahead. People who have used this strain on a regular basis have said that it makes them more focused at work and makes them more productive as a result. If you have symptoms for an anxiety disorder or stress, Red Congolese is also known to help these symptoms to. It takes a few hours for the strain to wear off, but when it does, you will be left feeling calm and relaxed, which helps calm your symptoms.

If you are looking for more recommendations on strains to help tackle your ADHD, make sure you visit your local dispensary who will be able to give you some advice.  You can find your nearest location by using the dispensaries near me tool on –

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