Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2018

The implication of smartphones in our everyday lifestyle has extended the usage of apps. The applications these days provision easy along with faster solutions and that too, at the user’s comfort. Progressively, as we are becoming digital, numerous applications are equally establishing their approach in the scope of digitization. They have transformed the way we consume our day to day life.

From hiring taxies to booking hotel rooms intended for your vacation, it is entirely achieved through the recent mobile apps. Just as the world is advancing at a more rapid pace, the inclinations in mobile application development are also changing with the course of time.

According to Statista, in terms of revenue and profits, mobile apps are anticipated to generate $189 billion by 2020. In addition, the two principal app stores in the world are Google Play Store and Apple App Store with 2.8 million apps and 2.2 million apps respectively.

At the end is the list of latest trending app development techniques:

Mobile payment wallets:

In order to take advantage of cash-less payments; more consumers are shifting towards mobile payment alternatives. Contact your Mobile App Development Company in USA now to consider the mobile payment option for your customers.

A report released on the world’s payment, by Capgemini and BNB Paribas in 2017, shows the growtrh of a dynamic regulatory arrangement and an evolving technology, FinTech. The development, value and vulnerabilities were inspected for the different environment and by 2020, it is believed to expand on average by 11 %. The modern-day authorization and authentication potentials over mobile payments predict that by 2019, practically half of the transactions will be performed online or via mobile phones.

Key applications in the worldwide market are from Apple Inc., PayPal holdings, Mastercard, One97 Communications Limited and many others.

IoT and wearable apps:

As the forecast says, the overall number of IoT(Internet of Things) linked devices will sum up to approximately 75 million devices by 2025.

Even though we already own power over the domestic appliances and the devices through smart phones eventually for this developing trend now, big giants like Microsoft and others are striving economically to come up with a feasible concept of intelligent homes and eventually cities.

Apart from IoT devices, wearables are equally in the trend these days. At present, Fitness bands and smart watches are in the marketplace for consumers.


Primarily created for the virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ether, with recent advances in the technology, Blockchain is attracting attention in other areas also. Appropriate fo transparency and incorruptible data and information, Blockchain plays a pivotal role globally.

Governmental and privatized companies are supporting Blockchain for its characteristics in the areas related to transaction management, asset management and others. While the banking industry is also expected to invest in the blockchain technology in the forthcoming years.

The blockchain industry is estimated to grow up to 2.3 billion dollars in the worldwide market.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality:

In the close future, the combined market for AR/VR is expected to reach 209.2 billion US dollars. The next-generation apps including the gaming apps are utilizing the AR/VR technology. For instance, games like Pokemon Go have already demonstrated the potential of such technology while on the other hand, social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat are capable to persuade the users with value-added features.

In 2017, the mentioned technology has set the ground already in gaming and retail businesses, while 2018 will discover the participation of such technology in other traditional and conventional sectors.

For the future outlook, there are unlimited alternatives to explore, AR/VR will definitely reach out to E-Commerce, marketing and Gaming for creative researches.

Cloud-based apps:

In 2018, cloud-based app development is also an essential aspect to take care. In order to cut the hosting and operational cost many corporations in the marketplace are preferring for cloud based app development to boost performance, storage and productivity. However, the apps are quicker and secure.

The apps powered by cloud-based technology can load the information fetched from the cloud consequently reducing the load for internal memory.


The Best Digital Marketing Company in USA recent trends in mobile application development are bound to revise after the year 2017. In 2018, the ground-breaking innovations in the field of mobile development will ultimately lead to the evolution of the technology. New start-ups and technologies are working with an aim to transform the mobile apps. The applications present already are interactive, faster, and secure and the inclusion of the new technologies will yield significant and appreciable results.

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