Vaastu Tips For Career Success For The Major Consultant Pallavi Chhelavda

It is known to everybody that aim of our life to achieve success in our professional career. The objective of our study at school and colleges is to become successful professionals. Pallavi Chhelavda the renowned Vastu consultant says that It is observed that some of our colleagues who were academically not shined but in professional life is very successful and leading a happier and joyous life. On the other side, it is also observed that one of our classmate who was exceptional academically and assumed to do be very successful in professional life are actually not the case. In reality, the person is found to lead an unhappy and depressed life.

If we start thinking about the reason that is responsible to produce such bad undesired fortune we may conclude that they’re from luck factor is responsible for their ill or good fate, we are somewhat correct. Only luck is not the reason. There is something else, which has supported and helped him to produce the reverse result.

Vaastu Tips For Career Success For The Major Consultant Pallavi Chhelavda

Vaastu Shastra is considered as the science of balancing surrounding energy. The answer is the support of surrounding energy is responsible for this contradictory result. It is surprising to note that how energy is helping one and not supporting the other. Here the answer is Vaastu Shastra. One who is living and working in a Vaastu compliant home or office complying Vaastu Shastra is getting the support of Vaastu energy to become successful in life. The other must be living in Vaastu noncompliant house or office and not get Vaastu energy support.

Following are the tips related to what is to be avoided to achieve Vaastu energy:

  • Furniture with irregular shaped is to be avoided at workplace
  • Picture of water bodies like the lake, pond or river should not be fixed behind your working desk which means lack of support of Vaastu.
  • Don’t sit under the beam.
  • Don’t sit cross-legged.
  • Negatives subject pictures like war, violence, crying baby etc should not be hung on the room wall.

According to Pallavi Chhelavda Vastu consultant the tips you must follow to get support from Vaastu energy:

  • Always sit facing open space in the workplace. This will result innovative ideas in you
  • Work facing your backside towards the wall. This provides strong support.
  • Sit in the south-west corner of the conference room and away from the entrance door.
  • Use square or rectangle furniture preferably wooden.
  • In case your workplace is in the west, buy a glass top table.
  • Don’t use broken or damaged furniture.
  • Leaking water taps should be fixed immediately. This signifies loss of money.
  • High back chairs should be used which signifies support and medically advised.
  • keep indoor planting the southeast corner of the office. This supports business and growth of money.
  • Office lighting should be well and uniform.
  • Machines, which generate heat, should be placed at the south-east corner.
  • Northeast part of the office should be neat and clean.

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