Ways To Become A Certified Glazier For Better Future Prospects

The primary job of a trained Glazier is to install glasses in skylights, windows, and in other fixtures in building and storefronts. The task of such an individual is quite demanding especially in the field of construction trades. They are part of full-time job prospects and since they are much in demand, you should try to become a pro in this area. But it isn’t that easy. You have to go through rigorous training and session to get to the core of the services. This article will help you learn some of the ways to become a certified Glazier.

Basic Information About the Job:

Just like any other job, you need to be aware of the basic information first before you end up becoming a Glazier. Once you are sure of the job and the demands and challenges that comes with it, then it becomes easy for you to prepare yourself accordingly. You can easily become an expert with your high school diploma in hand. Their work is more practical rather than theoretical. All you have to learn is the trade through apprenticeship or any of the on the job training, as provided by most of the teams out there.

Ways To Become A Certified Glazier For Better Future Prospects

As per the salary status updated in the year 2016, a Glazier is in a position to get a payment of around $41,000 annually. This salary is for beginners but if you have more experience by your side, then you can earn a bit more and grow your business as well. In regards to employment opportunities, it is projected that there will be a growth of around 11% from 2016 to 2026, which is much high when compared to other average occupations. Also, due to the growth of construction industry, more and more people are looking for glaziers than before. So, being one during such a stage can prove to be a wise option for you.

Ways To Become A Certified Glazier For Better Future Prospects

Some Point to Gather:

It may seem very easy to become a Glazier, but not everyone has the capability to become a professional one. There are some pre-requisites, which you have to follow before you follow the path of a trained glazier or if you plan to become one on your own. Some of the major points are listed out below for your reference.

  • The prospect has to complete VCE or any of the equivalent courses to become a trained professional in this regard.
  • Next, you need to have a great understanding of English and mathematics. You can further opt for the pre-apprenticeship with certification in glass and glazing.
  • If you want, you can even enroll in master programs in Glazier sector from authorized centers.
  • Once you complete the program, you can apply to become a certified or Master Glazier through these authorized centers.
  • This will help improve your demand in the modern market.
  • For procuring access to any of the construction site and start working, you must have the Construction Induction Card.
  • You can have that after you have passed the course successfully.

You Have to Be Licensed:

Remember that certification is not always mandatory to work as commercial Glazier. But, it is rather mandatory for securing your job as it shows your level of expertise and dedication in this field. Certification is currently available through some of the professional organizations. These authorized centers offer entry-level credentials to all the technicians, who pass their exams with flying colors. To qualify and to get the certificate, the aspiring students must have certain education and industrial expertise. They further have to pass a test to get their names enrolled for the certifications.

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