What To Do When Your iPhone Is Not Charging

Have you plugged in your iPhone and it’s still not charging? So, you might be thinking to give it to the repair center, right? But, do you know? Sometimes such issues do not require acute attention instead can be dealt by conducting some tips. Of course! It can be frustrating for anyone to deal with an iPhone that’s not charging as you have invested a lot. But, knowing some common reasons behind it can not only be easy and effective but also saves your hundreds of bucks.

What To Do When Your iPhone Is Not Charging

Many iPhone users do not want to treat the damage or any other issue on their own as they believe professionals can handle it a better way, which is good! But, applying some common and easy tips can even be useful. Here are some of the tips you can use to get back your iPhone in charging mode:

Check the iPhone Charging Port

Issues in charging port can be one of the reasons that your iPhone is not charging. You can check for clogged dust and debris in port that can be obstructing the process. These kinds of the element can prevent the charging cable from fitting correctly into the iPhone. So, if you find such element, clean it with a dry muslin.

Check the Wall outlet

Another common reason your iPhone is not charging can be an electric socket. The outlet may be in the vulnerable condition that can prevent charging. So, you can change the wall socket. If you are charging your iPhone connecting it to the computer, check whether the USB cable supports your computer or not and can change the USB cable.

Check the USB Cable

Damage in USB cable is the most obvious reason that your iPhone is not charging. You must be using the cable that is torn or at the edge of death, so it’s the time to change the USB cable. There are some known brands in the market that are known for the quality of their products, so search wisely and make the ideal choice.

Check for the Severe Damage

If you are the kind of a person who often keeps on dropping your phone accidentally, it can be prone to severe damage to the hardware of the iPhone. So, this thing has happened to you; here you probably need professional help. It’s better to handover your phone to the experts who know how to deal with such severe damage. Also, professionals iPhone have quality iPhone repair tools that are viable in fixing the damage safely.

To Sum It Up

Although you want your expensive device in safer hands to be repaired, detecting some common problems can help you sometimes. You can try tips mentioned above to identify the common issues why your iPhone is not charging.

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