What You Need To Know About Valve Replacement Surgery

Heart is one of the most important organ of the body. Being a primary pumping organ it also have a lot of other functions that is important for the survival of the body. Heart pumps the most important element that is the oxygen containing blood to every corner of the body. This oxygenated blood is very much important for all the organs. All the organs in the body in solely dependent upon this oxygenated blood to operate their function. And this function of the heart makes it the prime important organ in the body. It is also one of the most complex looking organ in the body too. It is full of valves that has a lot of functions that they exhibit individually. This heart has a characteristic sound as well. The sound is popularly called as the “lub” and the “dub”. These sound has a particular occurring too. The “lub” is the higher part of the crest and the “dub” is the lower part of the crest. Crest is shown during an ECG test that tests the sound of the heart by which it also starts assessing the condition of the heart. Thus along with all of its function it is very much fascinating and magnificent in its own approach and characteristics.

What You Need To Know About Valve Replacement Surgery

Valves of the Heart and their Utility

Valves are the most important structural part of the heart that defines the function of the heart in a better way. The heart is totally surrounded by its valves. Valves are those things that looks like a string and are very much acts as the transport system. Valves conducts transport facility in a one way passage. That is the specialty of the valves. One valve cannot carry in both the ways. They carry the blood from different parts of the body that gets pumped to different parts of the body by the heart with the help of different other valves. Therefore valves are more than one in number. Thus a heart has 4 valves

  • The Mitral Valve
  • The tricuspid Valve
  • The Aortic Valve
  • The Pulmonary Valve

The first two valves controls the transfer of blood from atria to ventricles. Whereas the last two is mainly responsible for the flow of the blood out the ventricle. The heart does the flexing motion along with its valves every day, every minute and every second of the life without a single pause in the structure. On an average about 5-6 million beatings are done by the heart for a single lifetime exhibiting same strength and same type of flexibility same day.

Heart Problems

Problems with heart is a very much common affair. And surprisingly death by heart attack or cardiac arrest is one of the most common cause of death in this world.

Valve Replacement

Problems also arises with the heart valves. Most commonly the problems in the heart arises with the aortic as well as the mitral valve. The rest of the two does not undergo that much of problem. Therefore valve replacement cost in India of the two former valves are very much high and are also the most reported case treated by the doctors.

Healthy Heart

Keeping a healthy heart can keep a body in the best possible shape.

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