Wisdom Teeth Removal: A Few Reasons To Get It Done

Generally referred to as third molars, wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that develop in a person’s mouth in the teenage years of the seventeen to early twenties. When wisdom teeth erupt through the tissue of any sensitive gum inside the mouth, it can cause severe pain for patients experiencing the impaction and growth. Patients with small sized mouths consider wisdom teeth removal in order to prevent further gum, tooth and facial bone damage.

As the wisdom tooth grow in, the neighboring teeth have to shift for creating space for them, that can result in the change in the bite. Not only some people experience oral damage, but can also experience difficulties in chewing, severe one-sided headaches, swelling, inflammation, and excess bleeding. While every patient has the different mouth, and about more than 5 million of patients all around the world get their wisdom teeth removed every year.

Even if your wisdom teeth appear to be “fine”, it may be in your best interest to get them removed. Below are a few common reasons why you get your wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible.


In case your jaw does not have enough space to hold the uninvited guests, third molar, and people with lack of space inside their mouth can often suffer from the impacted set of molars. This means that the wisdom teeth fail to erupt properly or show some signs of misalignments. The people who don’t have enough space, the existence of third molars can be severely painful and most experienced dentists in Miami usually suggest them to go through wisdom teeth removal.


Some people may suffer from the development of liquid-filled sac or cysts around the impacted third molar. If the cysts are treated on time it can lead to the tumor, causing a threat to the overall oral health. In case you notice some danger signs of cysts around the wisdom teeth, then dental experts in Miami choose you to remove it as soon as possible.


If you experience severe pain or other obvious issues with the arrival of the third molar inside your mouth, your future overall oral health may be in danger. Also, the space inside the mouth is limited, it becomes very difficult to floss or properly brush around the impacted wisdom tooth. Lack of space and difficult to reach areas can make the teeth a prime target for plaque and cavities to build up.


The arrival of wisdom teeth demands space to be created for them. A patient, with the normal mouth, has to undergo various problems, as the mouth is already crowned with so many teeth, the late coming wisdom teeth can be problematic. The neighboring teeth around the third molar get punished to create space for them and this could result in misalignment of teeth inside the mouth. It can cause future dental problems, so the best option is to get them removed.

If you are undergoing severe complications with impacted third molars, then you should definitely visit your dentist or dental care surgeon for the dental checkup in Miami.

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