10 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney in Florida

Divorce is often referred to as one of the messiest legal processes that one might face in their lifetime.

Statistics have shown that the average divorce process can be completed in as little as thirty days, or stretched out for as long as eighteen months while no end in sight. Between the court dates, the growing pile of paperwork, and distribution of joint assets. The entire process has the potential to be extremely stressful and time consuming for all parties involved. For some individuals facing a divorce, they may be unfamiliar with the legal procedure and are in fear that the finalization of the process might take a lifetime to complete. If you are currently in the divorce process or pursuing the route of separation from your partner. It is in your best interest to hire a divorce attorney in Miami who has experience in separation litigation and is knowledgeable about the divorce process. If you are unsure about the divorce procedure and how a divorce attorney can help, here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a divorce attorney in Miami.

1. What are the Risks of Divorce without an Attorney?

Pursuing a divorce or legal separation without an experienced attorney is equivalent to driving your car with a blindfold on, doomed for failure. The separation process is not to be taken lightly, and it is essential to have an attorney with knowledge backing your every move; and maintaining the best interest of both you and your designated assets. If you choose to enter this procedure alone, be prepared to collect all necessary court documents, file petitions and attempt to negotiate the distribution of assets with your estranged partner or their attorney.

Some of the risks of entering the extensive divorce process without a lawyer are:

Disproportionate distribution of assets, this can range from monetary funds, investments, vehicles, homes and all other joint properties.

Excessive alimony or child support payments that stretch beyond your financial means Limited time with your children, or a total loss of custody.

Unequal distribution of taxes, debts and all other payments divided amongst the couple.If you choose to enter to divorce process without an attorney, keep in mind the risks and be prepared for an uncertain outcome.

2. Quicker Divorce

If you choose to hire an attorney in Miami, the likelihood of your divorce being finalized in less than 18 months can become a reality. If you and your partner attempt to enter the separation process without the right legal counsel, this process can be extended for an unknown period of time and there may be no end in sight for some time. Hiring the right attorney who understands the legal process inside and out, can streamline and speed up the divorce.

3. Protect your assets

Regardless of whether a prenuptial agreement was designed prior to your marriage or partnership. Your assets can still be at risk. By employing an expert attorney you can ensure that all of your assets (investments, vehicles, homes) are protected. And that both parties can reach a settlement that satisfies their financial needs.

4. Mental Health and emotional well-being

The separation process is devastating and can be emotionally as well as mentally exhausting. The right legal team or divorce attorney to assist you through the process can relieve you of extra stress and will provide time to process the current situation at hand.

5. Impact on your Children

If you are entering a divorce, it is important to keep your children in mind. Agreement on the custody of your children and the creation of unique co-parenting plans is often the most difficult and emotionally trying for parents and their children. A divorce attorney will ensure that above all, the best interest of your children met and that there is a fair amount of time spent with both parents.

6. Mediation Process

Divorce attorneys often pose the option of mediation during the divorce process. This is an alternate solution to the litigation process. A divorce attorney can provide a mediator through a third party to assist the separating couple to reach mutually beneficial solutions regarding the division of assets, child custody support and other issues that might arise from their separation.

7. Free consultation

Divorce can be a very, very expensive process

The litigation process can take a toll not only on your mental well-being but also your wallet. Alimony, child support, and other fees can add up rather quickly. For some couples or individuals considering a divorce; they may be wondering if they can even afford the financial repercussions that come along with the separation process. If you or your partner are considering a divorce, do some research and call an experienced lawyer. A Miami divorce attorney can sit down with you, listen to your story and weigh the different options you have available and help you pursue a peaceful resolution that doesn’t make you go bankrupt.

8. Potential out of court settlement

While every divorce case is distinctly different and entails a variety of factors. It is not uncommon for attorneys to offer the option to settle out of court, this much different from a mediation procedure. An out-of-court settlement reduces legal fees, stress and saves much time that is often wasted during the divorce process.

9. Objective and Professional Insight

During the separation process, friends, family and even neighbors may offer advice or “legal experience” in an attempt to help you with your divorce. As supportive and well-meaning as this legal advice it may not particularly apply to your case and is a subjective opinion. However, a divorce attorney can provide you with impartial and objective opinions that will help to bring your case to successful completion.

10. Opportunity for a peaceful resolution

Divorce may seem like the end and the future may appear bleak. However, this is not the case. The right legal team can help you and your former partner reach a peaceful agreement and put you on the path towards a successful future.

The initial divorce process can appear too overwhelming for the parties involved, but it doesn’t need to be. Choosing the right attorney in Miami can help you and your former partner to reach a mutually beneficial agreement, whether your divorce is settled inside or outside the courtroom.See more visit: Divorce Without War.

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