3 Health Test you can take Online

How will you feel if I tell you that you don’t necessarily have to visit a doctor or laboratory before you can take a test to know about your health status? Well it’s possible to take a health test from home through the internet.

The internet has really made it possible for people to gauge their health status at a glance. There are several health conditions you can identify by taking a test online.

Some of the health test you can now take online ranges from your eyes, your heart, autism and your overall wellbeing. However you should keep in mind that it does not replace the opinion of a doctor. Whatever results you get from the online test has to be seen by a real doctor.

  1. Discover your risk of Heart Attack – Heart disease is the leading cause of death in so many countries around the world.

However, you can reduce the risk if you know what things you need to fix. There are online calculators that help you measure the health of your heart by providing information about your health.

Some of the information include your age, alcohol use, diet, and smoking history, level of physical activity and whether or not you have high blood pressure.

After providing the information, the calculator will present to you your percentage risk of having a heart attack within say the next 5 years.

  • Test your Eyesight – You can now test your eyesight online without visiting a doctor with the help of online vision test. There are several sites online that offers you a platform to take a test on the internet with your computer or smartphone.

An online eyesight test can help you check how sharp your vision is, how sensitive your eyes are to light and whether or not you have astigmatism – which is a condition that can make things stretched or blurry or maybe you have color blindness.

Taking a vision online test can be helpful especially in circumstances where you break your eye glass.

Take note that online vision test cannot replace visiting a doctor, because only doctors can tell you if you have conditions like glaucoma, cataracts or macular degeneration.

Also if you have an eye injury or an infection in your eye, it is suggested to see a physical doctor rather taking an online vision test.

  • Get to know your Autism Status – Among the health conditions you can identify by taking an online test, Autism is not left behind.

Autism which is a communication and social condition can be identified by taking an autism test online. It comes with a series of questions mostly with options, where you will be able to assess yourself.

There is also an Autism test called AQ test which is mostly known. It is a series of 50 questions that form one part of a bigger assessment. Then there’s another Emotional Quotient test which has about 60 questions.

Taking an autism test online has made so many adults aware of their status.

These are the 3 health conditions you can identify by taking a test online at the comfort of your home and get the results within no time.

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