3 Shows to Binge Watch on Your At-Home-Day

Have you ever faced a situation where you’ve been planning a trip for ages and on the fateful day of the trip your gang backs out? That is very annoying, is it not! Not to mention your mood is so dark, you might cry or throw a tantrum at the littlest instigation.

Well, calm yourself down! Life isn’t supposed to go according to plan, hence, if your trip is cancelled there should be a Plan B. The Plan B here, is binge-watching a popular show or two! What’s more? Many German websites like Kinokiste or Burning Series offers a plethora of movie collections, which you can watch for free.

Now, are you confused as to which show to watch on your at-home day, worry not! This blog will list 5 shows which are trending and popular among global movie lovers.

So, stay tuned and read on,

  1. 13 Reasons Why

Type: Series

Seasons: 3

One of the most popular shows that is creating quite an impact on the global audience is 13 Reasons Why. The concept of the show is crime, teen drama, and bullying. This show revolves around a young teen Hanna Baker who commits suicide. Now, she leaves behind a string of audiotapes that explain and pinpoint people who are responsible for her suicide.

The show elucidates angst, and animosity faced by the youth of today. It showcases, how powerful words are and how bad actions can affect a struggling teen. Further, it deals with the issue of drug, abuse, and other social problems that teenagers face owing to peer pressure.

A must watch for everyone, as it is not just thrilling, but also very educational. You can check out this series in any reputed online movie site like Stream cloud, or others.

  1. Annabelle 

Type: Movie

Run Time: 99 mins

Do you have a penchant for the unknown? Are you into horror or supernatural flicks? Well, in case you are Annabelle won’t let you down. The story is derived from the Conjuring universe and is said to be based on real-life events. It all starts with a husband named John Form who gifts a doll to his expecting wife Mia.

The couple unaware of the dangers instantly loves the vintage doll in a porcelain dress. However, soon the couple was attacked by a devil-worshipping cult who sabotage their home and the doll. When the toxic cult blood is smeared on the doll, it turns evil and starts partaking in a series of heinous evil activities that turn Mia’s life upside down.

The rest of the story is for you to know, so don’t turn off the lights and watch this movie to give yourself an adrenalin rush.

  1. 47 Meters Down Uncaged 

Type: Movie

Run Time: 89 Minutes

If you’re looking for something thrilling, for example, monsters with teeth, there is nothing more exciting than a shark movie! What’s more? In online channels like Kinokiste, you can sign up and enjoy these for free! 47 Meters Down: Uncaged narrates the story of 4 girls who go out to explore a secret lagoon that is said to hide a submerged Mayan city.

However, things go wrong when the girls are stuck with no so friendly neighbours which are great whites. These sea beasts bring hell for the girls and you need to watch to see who survives.

Well, there you go! These 3 flicks can easily help you beat those at home blue with ease! Simply log on to websites like Streamcloud, or others to watch these for free.

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