3 Tips to Organize Your Leather Photo Album like a Pro

Millennials take photos of everything; travel, food, wedding, puppies, nature, babies, moments and what not! However, most people in the rush of life store these away in digital formats! They either upload it on Cloud, simply store these away in hard disks or flaunt them on social media via phones. This is fun, this is regular and there is almost nothing aesthetic about it!

Now, while naturally, one should enjoy the technological perks, the art of storing photos in a personalized leather photo album can never run out of style.

So, if it’s a wedding or something special like your baby, it is best to pick an old-school leather album to store captured moments. It can be stills, Polaroid or more, but images in albums look alluring, intimate and help one reminiscence on a nostalgic note.

This is why today’s blog will showcase a few tips to organize a leather photo album to make it radiate an aesthetic aura.

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  1. Go for a Chronological Pattern

Most people tend to be disorganized and end up putting images here and there as soon as they get hold of an album. This is not the best thing to do, because the album here is like a book. Each picture you input tells a story and thus, keeping them in a chronological pattern will let the pictures unfold a story.

For example, let’s assume you’re a husband who wishes to store your wife’s pregnancy images. So, the best option is here to organize the images from the very beginning to the end. You can start at the very beginning of the gestation period and input images in sequence till the birth.

This will unfurl the story of how your precious infant was born, and using this you can let passersby’s and family take a ride down memory lane. Additionally, if the images are in series, your wife and you too can reminisce on a nostalgic note and recall each little incident with fond remembrance.

  1. Try to Maintain a Consistent Theme

Maintaining a consistent theme might also be a good idea to make your photo album look unique and old-school. You can go for either adding a monochromatic touch or keep them all colorful. A monochromatic structure is especially ideal if you possess a leather photo album. The black/white/grey hue adds on to the old-world charm that will make the album elude an air of panache.

You can also opt for a switch option, where a portion of the most special events are in monochrome while the rest are in colorful HD.

  1. Customize the Cover

If you’ve purchased a really attractive personalized leather photo album then customize the cover to give it a softer touch. For example, if you are a teenage girl storing high school memories then go for adding decorative flowers, beads or bows to make the album look cute and vibrant.

If you’ve picked an album for your wedding then go for adding a romantic tagline, with new titles that make it look like a book cover. To get a few ideas on customized album designs you can check out a few images on Pinterest.

On this note, follow these 3 tips to organize and decorate your leather album like a pro! Good luck!

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