7 Pro Tips to Choose Bathroom Wall Mirror

A Bathroom wall mirror can go a long way towards improving the look and feel of your space. The height of your sink and faucet, the shape and size of the mirror and the average height of the user, determines the height of the mirror above the vanity area. The Mirror should be around eye level for most of the users. It should hang 5-10 inches above the sink and a few inches above the highest part of the faucet. It should also be centered in between the vanity lighting and the sink that leaves it outstanding.

Measure the Size of the Vanity Area

A brand new bathroom vanity mirror plays a significant role in changing the appearance of a bathroom. As the multi-functional centerpiece of our bathrooms décor, your vanity should offer the perfect balance of style and balance. You will need to consider your bathrooms dimensions and how different vanity sizes will fit the allotted space. Compare the vanity’s width to the width of the room and the vanity’s height versus the height of your ceiling as well as how its depth measurement will impact movement. You may also need to consider how many people will be using vanity regularly.

Decide on the Style of the Mirror

Popular in high design, especially in larger bathrooms, frameless bathroom wall mirrors are unique, modern, and great space savers. While being very stylish, they tend to be less expensive, which is excellent for those working on a strict budget. This style of mirrors works well for modern homes or those with minimal décor, giving an illusion of a bigger space and leaving it more stylish. They are becoming increasingly popular due to the floating appearance which they provide and also making it easier to clean. These kinds of mirrors minimize the amount of maintenance needed; therefore making them the best go-to choice.

Framed Mirrors Best For Hanging (Ensure it matches with the Décor)

Framed Mirrors are more traditional and can become a statement piece that draws attention to the eye of any guest. The good thing about Framed Mirrors is that with the customization you can transform your bathroom to another level.  It is also good to keep in mind that with the uniqueness these bathroom wall mirrors have, they may be expensive and large and may not work for every space. They do not come with storage but often have a sort of a homey sense to them. They tend to work well in pairs, with each mounted over each basin in a double sink vanity.

Size of the Bathroom

Mirrors give the impression of ample space, and they reflect lots of light, making dark and dull areas seem bright and more significant. If your vanity is wide enough, you have the option of having two bathroom mirrors, or better yet, one single mirror that is big enough to fit both sinks. However, it is vital to confirm that the vanity and the mirror are of the same length. This gives your guests the ability to have a wider view at once and getting a more practical use of the mirror, especially with the frameless mirrors which add an optical illusion.

Consider Your Bathroom Style

Mirrors are a simpler way to upgrade and “freshen” your bathroom design, which is less expensive than altering fixed finishes. With the right wallpaper or textured wall surface, frameless mirrors do become a great option as they don’t detract from the designs. A frame that compliments your bathroom is a design to consider, especially in a traditional home setting as it adds convenience to your lifestyle. If you don’t have room in your bathroom for a mirrored cabinet, a shadow box may be an ideal alternative as it can be used to store bathroom items used daily.

What are the Functions of the Mirror?

As much as they provide storage in the form of medicine cabinets, Mirrors add a touch of style and elegance as well as allowing us to see our reflection when we brush our hair or do our make-up. Even without a set theme, you can match the color theme by ensuring the existing cabinets or wall décor’s colors match; this adds some personality to your personality. If you have a small bathroom, a central focal point is vital as it makes the best use of the small space, it can be achieved by adding an elaborate decorative mirror. Even the simplest of home décor stores can provide a selection of bathroom mirrors with great additional features.

Gone are the days when mirrors were for looking at our reflections. They add a sense of style and elegance, making bathrooms and look bigger and brighter, whether it’s with Frameless or framed mirrors ensure that your space is fitted with one.

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