A Sense of the Alhambra in your Home With Moroccan Furniture

In a world full of streamlined decorating, why not be bold and decorate with flair. A Morrocan decorated room can take you to another place. A place of traveling and exploration. The whole room does not even have to all be Morrocan style. You can mix up Morrocan style furniture with other styles and create your own decorated paradise to entertain and be with your family. Here are some easy ways to create a lovely atmosphere in one room or all of the rooms in your home.

Alhambra Designs

The Alhambra in Granda, Spain is a beautiful palace. It was first constructed in 889 AD and then later reconstructed in the 13th Century. What is amazing is all the elaborate Moorish designs throughout the palace. Geometric and a type of high-level folk art by the Moors of North Africa and other areas around the Mediterranean. The designs at the Alhambra are examples of designs that you can use in your home to make a beautiful room full of culture and style.

Bright and Dark Colors

The contrast between dark and light is real and effective in decorating a room. For every color, there is a light and dark version of that color. You can also use the color wheel to help you choose pure dark and light colors. A Morrocan style room is usually full of fuschias, oranges, rich blues, and reds. You can play with color. You do not have to adhere to any specific rule. There are however some colors that go better than others. Use the internet to look at Morrocan style rooms that you like. Moroccan furniture for sale is not hard to find. You can use the color of the furniture to help with the light and dark contrast.

Rugs for Texture

Rugs really help to create the texture of a Morrocan style room. The rug does not have to be expensive to help create the ethnic atmosphere you might be going for. You can just go for the color or size and have other more expressive pieces in your room. Along with the rug, pillows and patterned fabrics also help to make a room have a Morrocan feel.

Lighting of Many Kinds

Nothing makes a room more than light. There are many lamp shapes, sizes, and colors to help create the full effect of a morrocan style room. There are pendant lamps of brass and beautiful free standing table lamps that have Alhambra designs. When the light shines through the patterns of the lamp project on the wall creating a thing of beauty. There are many types of Morrocan style lamps to choose from. You can buy authentic lamps or replicas. Turkish style decor also goes well in a Morrocan style room.

Making a Morrocan style room is fun and exciting. You can create the style in any type of budget. You can start simple and add more things as you go. You can also have a plan and decorate the room all at once. It is really helpful to go online and look at as many Morrocan style rooms as you can and choose what you like. You want to keep in mind the size of your room and only put what fits in the room comfortably. The most important thing is to have fun and create a morrocan atmoshere you can relax in.

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