Affordable Luxury: How to Turn Your Modern Mumbai Flat into a Lavish Home

To turn your modern Mumbai flat into a luxurious abode at a fraction of the price, you need to look beyond the obvious and start thinking about creative ways to bring affordable luxury into your home. Here are three ways to create a lavish retreat in your modern 2 bhk flat in Mumbai or Goregaon West without spending a fortune:

1. Be purposeful

The first step towards giving your flat a luxurious appeal is to simplify. The best approach to do so is to declutter it in a way that you get rid of all the unnecessary paraphernalia and start afresh. While you may think that home accessories and décor items give your flat a magnificent look, the reality is that when it comes to ‘luxury’, less is more. Broken furniture, unnecessary side tables, faded rugs and mattresses etc. add to the clutter in your house. So, once you start renovating your house, you must get rid of all these redundant items. You can begin with buying fewer, but higher quality pieces to give your flat a refreshing look. If you are going for a minimal look, think spending on only necessary, but striking items.

Once you are done with your shopping, you may proceed to arrange them in such a way that they don’t appear out of place and are complemented by your existing furniture. In this way, you will be able to strike the right balance and give your flat an opulent look without having to empty your pockets.

2. Say goodbye to your old curtains

One of the most integral ornamental ensembles, curtains give your house character and appeal. Adding great flavour to the theme, they also lend the much-needed privacy to the inhabitants, apart from imparting class and style to your abode. For an easy update, remove all the light fabric and cheap looking curtains and replace them with high-end fabrics with ornate prints and deep colours. For instance, you can use fabrics like lace and chiffon in your balcony to attain the much-required privacy without compromising on the natural sunlight.

Apart from this, you can also opt for rich fabrics like linen and silk to give your flat an enticing look. Having curtains in neutral colours and subtle patterns give your house a sophisticated look. On contrary, if your flat has neutral tones on the walls, you can dress up your windows using bright coloured drapery with metallic hues in order to give it a balanced look. Do not forget to add stylish curtain rods in your drapery shopping list.

3. Add luxurious lighting

Whether you are planning to invest in lavish lamps or showpiece lampshades, you can’t possibly go wrong with luxurious lighting. Due to their opulent detailing, lighting styles like Art Deco and Rococo are considered distinctively luxurious. Apart from these, contemporary, high-end forms with simple elements add elegance to your house. While you can opt for an exclusive caged chandelier for your foyer, you can style up your dining area with long-hanging lights. To create a more cohesive look, you can pick similarly shaped table lamps and overhead lights.

Whether you are looking for 2 bhk flats or 3 bhk flats for sale in Mumbai, The Dynamix Group’s ready to move-in luxurious flats are all set to welcome you. With world-class amenities and conveniences, these flats are just perfect to give your life a refreshing and magnificent start.

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