Apple iPhone 8: Yay or Nay?

If you’re an iPhone 6 or 7 owner then you might have thought about upgrading to the iPhone 8 Plus. However, chances are you are conflicted! What if the update is minor? Would investing a lot of money simply for a new device be worth it?

However, when Apple adds its quintessential ‘S’ to its phone’s crust, it means business. The latest iPhone 8 plus parts do come with enhanced features that give this phone an edge over its older versions.

On that note, here are 5 more reasons to invest in the iPhone 8 Plus!

Read on,

  1. Almost Rivals the iPhone X

It isn’t a secret that iOS users are presently gushing over the latest iPhone X. However, the cost of this device is enough to send most people running from the stores. Nevertheless, the iPhone 8, which is remotely cheaper offers almost 95% of iPhone X’s features.

Further, the iPhone 8 Plus has a better storage option of 256 GB. So, if you’re into clicking lots of memories this one will be budget-friendly and useful.

  1. True Tone Screen

Almost all upgraded Apple phones come with True Tone. This feature allows the phone’s light to adjust to the ambient room light. Thus, if you wish to read in the low light ambience the phone will adjust to the room light and prevent damage to your eyes.

Additionally, with proper ambient lighting, your display won’t get distorted and you can witness better screen colours.

  1. Good Battery Life

The Apple iPhone 8 Plus is quite developed and is much more powerful than older phones. As Apple designs it’s on GPU, the iPhone 8 is optimized to offer coercive impact and control. For example, it has portrait modes, AR apps and more; all which run as sleek as butter.

Further, the iPhone 8 contains an in-built lithium-ion battery, which ensures charge remains up to 13 hours. Additionally, based on the iOS 12 it offers excellent speed too.

  1. Amazing Camera

Whole new video and image options come with the modern iPhone 8 Plus. It shoots 1080p slow-motion in 240fps while 4k video recording is done at 60p.

These features offer crystal clear and crisp videos that look aesthetically appealing. Moreover, owing to its wide-angle Dual 12MP and telephoto cameras with ƒ/1.8 aperture, the image stabilization skill of this phone is amazing.

Additionally, it zooms up to 5X without distorting the image, and that indeed makes iPhone 8 Plus a good option to invest money in. What’s more? If photography is your passion and you can’t afford the iPhone X then the 8 Plus will give you a similar feel.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and invest in the iPhone 8 Plus and gift yourself a device worth flaunting. Just ensure to stack up on Apple repair parts to avoid any issues. It is advised by experts to change older models or replace older parts for stretching a product’s life. Happy Shopping!

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