Condo Real Estate Web Design Trends for 2019

Condominiums are their own little world of challenges and that means that they should have their own web design trends too. The year 2019 is going to bring about changes and trends that will have more condos realizing their real estate potential. Bringing condo business together in one place is going to be a major move and gives an edge in a competitive market.

Every condominium should have a way to present its grounds and real estate. There are also other ways to bring the tenants of a condo together. Additionally, there may be laws that dictate what needs to be placed on the website in order to be compliant. Some tips on condo web design trends for 2019 are listed below.

Define Success Metrics

Before beginning, decide what you want your mark of success to be. How will you gauge if what you are implementing is working? How will you know when you have reached the benchmark of success and it is time to move on to the next level? These are all things to consider as you build your website. Defining success is the place to start when thinking more on the website you have in mind for the tenants and the business in general. Thinking about serving tenants, meeting local laws, and still serving the needs of investors or board members is a balancing act. Lastly, keeping in step with the condo’s goals or mission statement is another deciding factor.

Users’ Needs

What are the needs of the users? One way to keep on top of the needs of users is to simply ask them. On the website you can have a special section where you ask tenants what they would like. Entice tenants to want to respond by offering incentives such as lunch at a local or nearby restaurant or a free home service. Tenants will rush to want to participate and tell you exactly what is on their minds with incentives in place.


Having all of the announcements in one place is going to bring the community closer together. It would be a great addition to have an interactive online community where tenants can read what is going on, but also type back and respond to what is being said. Some people may feel more comfortable, and that this manner of communication, is easier and more convenient.

Making Payments

The ability to pay the bill online, or any housing costs, will be another convenient tool to tenants. Now you do not have to be in the office in order to receive funds. Tenants can simply pay online for housing association fees or the upcoming holiday party.

Management in the News

Being transparent is another way of building community. Share the board’s updated meeting information. Even sharing more intimate details about each board member could be a highlight tenants will be interested in. The news will spread quickly and tenants will feel as if they are a part of something bigger, community.

Still, after making the brief list above, there will be other factors and things to consider when creating the website. It is best to sit down and write it all out. Having a long vision for website updates and how the overall function will be is also important.

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