David Serna Talks about the Need for Defense Attorneys in Drug Cases

Drug-related crimes are extremely commonplace in the United States. Such crimes include the possession, redistribution, as well as the manufacturing of diverse types of drugs that are classified for having a potential for abuse. David Serna mentions that such drugs include amphetamines, heroin, morphine, and cocaine. Mr. Serna is a renowned attorney, specializing in drug-related cases. He is one of the most prominent criminal defense lawyers in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

David Serna provides a better insight on the role of defense lawyers in drug cases  

There are several people charged with drug crimes in the US almost every other day. People getting involved in such cases would need to seek out the assistance of a good criminal defense lawyer who can get them acquitted of the charges. David Serna is one such attorney who has the experience, capability, and competency to help the defendant through drug cases.  He, in fact, has the experience of defending drug cases in more than ten states. Mr. Serna has even appeared at a DatelineNBC special for one of his prominent cases.

Criminal defense lawyers like Mr. Serna tend to use various defenses like police abuse of power, unwitting possession, medical marijuana, as well as illegal search and seizure to assist their clients to win drug crimes related cases.  The elements of unauthorized surveillance, planting evidence, and using pressure tactics come under the police abuse of power defense.

David Serna says that experienced criminal attorneys make sure that the constitutional rights of their clients are not abused in any way, and also built a strong defense strategy for them. Here are a few of the ways these lawyers help their clients in drug cases:

  •    They work with the defendant, as well as the prosecutor for the purpose of negotiating a “plea bargain”. Plea bargains are usually made to reduce the potential sentence of the accused, or at times even to eliminate some of the charges that are faced by them. Most prosecutors are more open towards negotiating with professional criminal defense lawyers, as opposed to any defendant representing himself or herself.
  •    In the scenario the defendant is found to be guilty at the end of the case, criminal defense attorneys may help them to acquire a good sentencing program. Such sentencing programs can help in making sure that the defendant is not found guilty of the crime gain.  For example: If the defendant is sentenced for a year for the crime of drug possession, their defense attorneys can suggest a six-month prison sentence and the next six months in a drug treatment facility where they can get the necessary support to get over their substance abuse problems.
  •    Criminal law is incredibly complex, and many rules related to criminal prosecutions often get buried under thousands of laws ad legislations.  Experienced criminal lawyers like David Serna can help their clients to find important laws that would help their case. In most cases, the defendants are not even aware of the presence of these laws. For example: Due to the complex nature of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, people may not be orderly aware whether the police search conducted at their home was legal or not.

Criminal defense lawyers even help their clients in the pre-trial process as well and try to formulate efficient strategies to get them acquitted as fast as possible.

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