Difference Between Digital, E-Marketing And Internet Marketing

We all must have hard about internet and e-marketing as many advertising agencies in Karachi are using these tools to market businesses and their product offerings. Online marketing and internet marketing are almost the same things but digital marketing and e-marketing are two entirely different things. They are known to be the two different sector of marketing. They do overlap but they have major differences.

There are so many people who are unaware of the differences between these two marketing sectors and consider them to be same, this result in failed marketing practices for a business. Let’s look at what each of them is, and what functions do they perform.

Internet Marketing:

This involves using internet in order to connect with new or even old customers. Businesses have an SEO oriented website, such websites fall under this category of marketing. It focuses on how to capture the direct traffic to generate better sales for the company. Here are a several things on which internet marketing is based.

  • Create website.
  • Choose some SEO friendly keywords
  • Start running PPC campaigns


This is somewhat like internet market with a few more things involved. In addition to including the internet and search engine optimization it also focuses on building customer relationships. Hence, it could be said that it is not just restricted to internet search but all the things. It would also involve email marketing, online reviews and social media marketing as well. They also have customer relationship management systems where everything could be tracked. Such as whether the customers have received their parcel or not. This system is used in e-marketing and this is where the personalization kicks in.

Digital Marketing:

Now let’s talk about digital marketing. Digital marketing is perhaps the most trending and one of the best methods for marketing these days. This is one of the every advanced method out of all the three methods. It includes both internet marketing as well as e-marketing. It basically includes all type of marketing practices that have anything to do with digital interface.  There are many things included in digital marketing

  • Mobile apps that are elated to your business.
  • Options of push notification for something important.
  • Electronic billboards.
  • Television ads
  • Data base loaded with information about the customers.

Digital marketing is vast and it’s one of the most modern methods of marketing, which not everyone is use or well equipped with. There are only few people and agencies that hold the right amount of expertise and skills required for digital marketing. Not everyone who calls them a digital media manager is actually a digital media manager. So businesses need to be extra vigilant when it comes to choosing a digital marketing agency for your marketing project.

Which One Is The Best?

There are many advertising agencies in Karachi offering various services when it comes to marketing. You would have to select the type of marketing depending upon your business, it’s product offerings, your budget and the internal and external factors. Experts would always recommend digital marketing as this is the new modern trend.

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