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Alkaline water is nothing more than a water whose pH exceeds 7 points on the acid-base scale. Alkaline water is a type of ionized water that acts as a powerful and natural antioxidant. It facilitates the elimination of toxins and wastes from our body, such as regular water. But, in addition, it prevents premature aging, fights fluid retention, improves hydration and increases athletic performance. All this, in 100% natural key. Find out what this new trend of drinking alkaline water is about. If you are looking for Alkaline water Georgia delivery, kindly read this alkaline water benefit.

Why alkaline water?

The main difference with respect to tap water or other types of bottled water is that Alkaline water Atlanta has a pH level (Hydrogen potential) greater than 7. To get an idea, pure water has a pH level close to 7, which is the neutral value. Below that value, it is considered an acidic medium and, above, an alkaline medium. The optimal alkalinity value would be between 8 and 9.5. The higher concentration of alkaline minerals in this type of water raises OH (Hydroxyl) ions, resulting in water that is richer in oxygen and has many beneficial properties for Health.

These are its benefits

It facilitates the elimination of toxins and acid residues and prevents them from accumulating again, promoting the elimination of waste from our body and preventing other diseases. Alkaline water Georgia is a powerful natural antacid and improves our intestinal health. It is highly recommended for cases of chronic diarrhea, constipation, indigestion and diseases of the stomach or intestine. Help prevent diseases such as diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis, hepatitis, cholesterol, hypertension, dermatitis and even back pain.

It also prevents premature aging, contributing to better oxygenation of cells and effectively fighting free radicals. Avoid fluid retention. Due to its ability to maintain the pH balance in our body, so that it does not have to retain fluids to fight acidosis. Provides better hydration than mineral water, being a more permeable water. In short, our body works best when it maintains an adequate balance of its pH, neither too acid nor too alkaline.

A powerful natural antioxidant for runners

Alkaline water is especially recommended for athletes. Among other benefits, it improves the damping capacity of the body, reducing fatigue, and regulates the acidity that occurs when performing intense exercise. When the body is in an overstressed situation, in addition to suffering from dehydration, acids increase in large quantities and this can make it difficult to eliminate lactic acid from the muscles, which greatly decreases energy production. To avoid it, the most convenient is a light diet and hydrate with alkaline water before and after exercise.

In addition, if the athlete is hydrated prior to the sports activity with alkaline water, his performance improves significantly, since lactic acid is what causes our muscles to tire more quickly and have a feeling of being cramp. In fact, many elite athletes have already implemented alkaline water hydration in their training plans.

The alkaline water of drink6 has a PH level of 9

One of the main benefits of alkaline water is a great ability to help our body eliminate waste and neutralize acidity levels, thus preventing the development of many diseases and combating common problems such as acid reflux. Experts advise to consume alkaline water as normal water, at least 2 liters a day to be hydrated and promote an alkaline pH in the body. In addition, combined with the juices of the detox plan, which is alkalizing, an optimal effect is achieved to improve health.

Now that you know the health benefits of alkaline water, call the alkaline water Atlanta delivery service, today.

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