Dock Square Parking Garage Features Expansive Parking Facilities in Boston

A large number of American urban-dwellers have cars of their own today. Due to the high convenience level offered by personal cars and the hassles related to public transportation in the US, most people choose to commute on their own vehicles in the country. Right from dropping their child at school to going to outstation business trips, people use their personal cars here for commutes of any distance. This trend is commonly observed in the large cities of the US, such as Boston. To add to the convenience of the personal car owners, the Dock Square Parking Garage has been developed in Boston where people can safely park their vehicles.

Dock Square Parking Garage: Safe, secure and affordable place to park cars in Boston

There has been a significant rise witnessed in the number of cars on the road over the last decade in large and densely populated cities like Boston. This rise has subsequently boosted the demand for adequate parking facilities in the city. The Dock Square Parking Garage is considered to be one of the best parking facilities in Boston.  Spread over 1.2 acres of land, there is space to park more than six hundred cars at the grand Dock Square Garage. This establishment is located at 20 Clinton Street, Faneuil Hall, Boston.  People can find this parking garage at the right side of the Clinton St, somewhere between the North St and John F Fitzgerald Surface Road. This grand structure can be easily identified with the help of the large vertical gray signs put up at the building that reads “Parking”, as well as the large “P” signage featured at its entrance.

The Dock Square Parking Garage looks over the gorgeous Rose Kennedy Greenway and enjoys a good proximity to the Bulfinch Crossing as well. It is considered to be one of the most secure and reasonably priced indoor garages located in downtown Boston.  People can enjoy easy access to important sites like the Boston City Hall, Orpheum Theater and the TD Garden from here.  Being a covered garage, the cars parked here do not suffer from the risks of getting damaged due to adverse weather conditions, like snow, rain and high wind. The Dock Square Garage also features good safety installations, with the help of which people can make sure that their vehicle would be absolutely safe and secure there. Cars parked on the Boston streets often fall prey to vandalism or theft, and hence it is a much smarter option for people to keep their vehicles inside a safe parking garage.

Keeping their vehicle at the Dock Square Parking Garage can also help people to reduce the expenses related to parking fines. The parking troupes of Boston are highly efficient, swift and attentive. They even issue parking tickets to people who are just a few minutes late.  Incurring too many parking fines can put a great dent in the pockets of people. They can, however, avoid such problems by conveniently parking their vehicle at the Dock Square Garage in exchange for an affordable fee.

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