Heath Issues Men Shouldn’t Be Careless About

Men are more likely to ignore certain aspects of their personal health than compared to women. The common health issues men have are not something that’s privy to them, they can talk about it very casually to their friends but are not likely to consult a doctor about it. It is a common mindset among men that as long as they’re productive, they’re fine. It has been observed that more women are likely to consult a doctor than men unless they have a serious problem or are in pain. Fortunately, many health risks, that men are posed with, are preventable if diagnosed early. There are numerous men’s health and treatment services in San Diego to help men with their health issues. Here are a few health issues that no man should be careless about:

Heart diseases

One of the most foremost aspects of one’s good health is to keep a tab on the state of their heart. It’s essential to get tested for any kind of health risks one has related to heart, then be it cholesterol level or blood pressure. It’s also crucial to be aware of any kind of heart disease that runs in one’s family so that any risk that may arise in the future can be avoided.

Mental health

Bad mental health isn’t just a bad phase or a rough patch. It’s something that goes on for a longer period and something that most men might fail to notice. It is conveniently swept under the carpet as most men fail to talk about their mental issues openly. It interferes with one’s emotional health and eventually the physical health. Research also says that men with mental health issues are more likely to suffer a heart attack. It’s vital to keep one’s mental health in check with the help of men’s health and treatment services.

Respiratory diseases

One of the most difficulty detected respiratory diseases is lung cancer and once detected it’s often too late. It starts with a tumor which interferes with regular functioning of the lungs and then grows bigger with each passing day. Many men’s health and treatment services have proven that smoking tobacco is the reason behind 90% of lung cancers. Other than lung cancer, diseases that one can get checked for is asthma, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis whose symptoms can be detected early on and worked upon.

Reproductive health

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men other than skin cancer. Frequent urination, burning sensation during urination, decrease force of urine stream are a few of the many symptoms that help in early detection of prostate cancer. It’s crucial to go for men’s health and treatment services regularly for early detection.


Being overweight, single-handedly, can invite numerous health problems. Gaining a few pounds is natural but if it keeps adding up over a period of time it increases your chances of developing health problems. It puts one at risk with heart diseases, diabetes and certain life-threatening cancers. Many men’s health and treatment services in San Diego help with overcoming obesity and lead a healthy life.

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