How Dysport Helps Minimize Wrinkles and Frown Lines

Aging is inevitable and one of the premier signs of aging are wrinkles and frown lines. Wrinkles and frown lines work to reveal your age and might not be the look you were going for. Every year, people are looking for ways to reduce and if not, remove wrinkles from their faces without invasive surgery. Scientist and Dermatologists work to produce various creams and treatments to slow down the aging process and provide customers with a more youthful face but these creams rarely work neither do their treatment programs. Within the last few years, treatments in botox has spiked and people are constantly looking for more safer alternatives, but little do they know in Montreal, a few professionals have created the solution.

Dysport Montreal is a simple and safe, non-surgical treatment to wrinkles and lines. It is made of a highly purified protein called botulinum toxin which is injected below the surface of the epidermis to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. While the idea of “toxin” can seem dangerous, when administered properly, it is extremely safe.

As people get older, their skin becomes thinner and less elastic. The skin begins to sag and crease. As facial movement continues: smiling especially, wrinkles and frown lines occur. The treatment works to block nerve impulses that create muscle movement. In part, the injection has the ability to prevent contraction of the facial muscles. By preventing the contraction of facial features, the skin smoothes out and wrinkles and lines become less apparent. If the face doesn’t move, then the skin doesn’t stretch and contract.

It is incredibly effective in the reduction of lines of the glabella region; the area between the eyebrows. As we age, the frown lines in this area become increasingly prominent due to the lack of collagen and the manner of movement this area is subject to. Nevertheless, it can be used for wrinkles on the jaw, crow’s feet, frontal wrinkles and even gummy smiles. The treatments takes five injections into five points across the glabella region, temporarily paralyzing them, allowing your face to move naturally. The treatment usually takes ten to twenty minutes. The injection requires no need for hospitalization and after the procedure, you are free to continue with your day with no need for recovery time. What could be better than that? Fresh new skin in time for work or lunch.

Both Dysport and Botox are made from the same protein and work the same way. Alternatively to Botox, the treatment takes effect within a few days and results last a lot longer, around three to six months. Botox takes effect within a week and lasts about a month. Nevertheless, for both treatments, you will have to go back and get another treatment.

Furthermore, Dysport Injection Administration is deemed 80% effective and can cost up to $400 to do. Unfortunately, the treatments might not be covered under health insurance.

In addition, you cannot get this treatment anywhere else. The professionals at Dermamode are the forerunners in this procedure, not only that, but they are the only ones qualified to conduct it. For the last ten years, people of the Montreal area have praised them as one of the best and most experienced in Dysport Injection Administration.

If you are looking for a safe and effective wrinkle treatment, and aging creams aren’t as effective as you first thought they would be; consider Dysport because it is as a better alternative to Botox. Consider also using a professional in field of cosmetic surgery to conduct your treatment. As specified earlier, not every cosmetic surgeon know how to conduct the treatment properly, so careful research should be conducted. You should consider travelling to Montreal to get your treatment done. Also, it would be a nice vacation. The professionals at Dermamode offer a free consultation. Doing so, will provide you with all the information to discover whether this treatment is for you and direct you to other cost-effective alternatives.

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