How To Choose The Right Billing Solution For Your Business?

With evolving user behavior and needs, your business has to adopt the newest solutions to keep an inflow of consumers to their business. It doesn’t matter whether you are a large scale business or a local merchant, the key is to keep up with your user expectations and adopt the newest of technological solutions for better user experience.

Drawbacks Of Using The Conventional Billing System

Billing is one of the primary requirements of any B2C business, especially for merchants. The conventional form of billing is – bill printed on a paper and there are many drawbacks of the same. Starting with, there is a lot of paper wastage involve with every printed bill. Most of the consumers throw away their bills unless it is of some item that can be returned or under warranty period. Besides, paper bills are very hard to keep track of and refer to in the future.

If you look beyond using bills for the documentation of any purchases, bills can also be used to store your consumers’ information. You can use them at a later stage for the promotion of your new products in your inventory. As such, e-Billing is always a superior option over conventional billing methods.

Why Is e-Billing Your Best Option?

E-Billing solution is sending electronic bills to your consumers using digital mediums – emails, SMS, etc. Using an e-billing solution for your business is an eco-friendly option as there is no wastage of paper involved with it. There are reputed e-billing solutions such as TabON that can help you shift easily to e-billing for your business.

You can also use e-billing to create a database of your consumers and reward their loyalty for good user experience. This database can also be used to inform your consumers of any discounts, new product launches, weekly offers, etc. As such, shifting to e-Billing is not only beneficial for enhancing your user experience but also helps you to promote your business in a healthy manner.

Things To Look For In An e-Billing Software


When choosing an e-Billing software for your business, make sure to check if it provides a cost-efficient solution. A good e-billing software not only reduces the paper cost involved with the billing system of your business but also helps you to cut major cost in consumer data extraction for CRM and marketing of your business.

Ease of Usage

Cost-efficiency is one of the important benefits of e-billing software. This is why it becomes important to make sure that the software you choose doesn’t require any training costs and doesn’t have a steep learning curve. A good e-billing software is easy-to-use and can be used to create e-bills straightaway.

Customer Management

One of the important reasons for shifting to e-billing is using it to store your consumer information. A good e-billing software not only helps you to store your consumer information but also can be used to create and promoter customer based campaigns.

There are many such features you can look for when choosing an e-billing software for your business. Reputed e-billing software like TabON also provides a customer feedback system and can be easily installed in your current POS. Choose e-billing software for your business today!

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