How to Drive Out the In-Cabin Gasoline Smell

Are you disturbed by the smell of gas in your vehicle as soon as you got inside the cabin? Do not panic. There can be various reasons, why there can be a strong smell of gasoline oozing out in your car. While some of these do not ask for much attention, in some of the cases, such smell can also be triggered because of a major issue that demands an immediate repair job.

To make sure, which of the reasons can be minor, and what should be considered as a major reason behind the car smelling of gasoline, we paid a visit to the Las Vegas car dealer service center. Apart from getting the smell issue fixed, we also gathered few useful tips, on how to keep our car prevented from such smells, or to drive the smell out, in case it has settled in for some or other reason.

Issues that Need Minor Attention

The most common minor reasons behind your car cabin smelling are:


If you have noticed, an acute smell of gas breaks out right after you refuel your car at a pump station. The reason is quite simple. The fumes of the gasoline that are quite string in nature sometimes make their way right into the cabin, especially if the outside wind is blowing in that direction. In such a case, there is nothing to panic, as the odor will automatically dissipate within a few minutes of driving with the car windows rolled down.

Loosened Gas Cap:

If the gas cap is somehow not fitted tight or has loosened up for some reason, it can cause the fumes to travel inside the car cabin. Check the gas cap, and tighten it up, if you find it loose. If it has been damaged or broken, you would certainly need to replace it, and the smell will go as soon as it is done.

Issues That Demand Major Vehicle Repair

The major reasons that can equally make the car cabin smell of gasoline are described as below:

Leaking Fuel Tank

 If your car fuel tank is leaking, it may leave the car cabin filled with the smell of gas. In such a case, you need a professional hand to fix this issue.

Leaking Fuel injector

The fuel injectors of a vehicle send pressurized gasoline to the cylinders of the engine or sometimes can intake the gasoline in a manifold. These injectors are usually fitted with a set of rubber seals to protect against any chances of fuel leaks. But in due course of time, these seals too can wear off and can fail to prevent a fuel leak. In such case, again you need to visit any trustable repair center like that of the Henderson car dealer.

Whatever may be the causes of this gasoline smell spreading in your car, they need to be addressed immediately. In case, this is happening because of some major issue, one should not delay any longer to take the necessary professional help.

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